Local Industry Briefing held in Lithgow

Great Western Highway Upgrade Program - Skills, Employment and Industry Development

The Great Western Highway Upgrade Program is striving to set new benchmarks in employment, skills and industry development outcomes in NSW. Skills, Employment and Industry Development aims to maximise outcomes for the local and regional communities and industry and contribute to skills development and diversity within the infrastructure sector.

The Skills, Employment and Industry Development objectives for the Program are:

SEID objectives

These key areas reflect relevant NSW Government policies and programs including the Aboriginal Participation Policy and the Infrastructure Skills Legacy Program.

Latest news

MAY 2022

MAY 2022Great Western Highway upgrade drives jobs bonanza

The NSW Government has announced the Great Western Highway upgrade will support an additional 1,400 jobs, taking the total number of FTEs to be supported by the project during construction to 3,900.

View the media release for more information.

APR 2022

APR 2022Local Industry Briefing

In April 2022, Transport for NSW hosted a local industry briefing for the Great Western Highway Upgrade Program at Lithgow Workers’ Club.

The briefing highlighted the Program benefits, with a focus on economic growth and local employment opportunities and bought together large and small businesses from across the project area, providing an opportunity for local suppliers to connect with potential principal contractors for the program.

The local industry briefing helped local businesses gain an understanding of the potential opportunities and requirements they will need to meet to be part of the program and, in turn, how the upgrade program will drive economic growth and provide opportunities for local people and businesses.

The Great Western Highway upgrade offers a unique opportunity to develop local skills and capacity, with the communities of Lithgow, the Blue Mountains and surrounds to reap the economic benefits for many years to come.

Transport is focused on creating local employment pathways with a focus on upskilling local workforces by ensuring access to a dedicated Skills, Employment and Industry Development Strategy for the upgrade program.

Transport is collaborating with industry and training providers to train up local people, to grow the local construction workforce and to leave a skills legacy that will endure far beyond the life of the upgrade program.

Skills, Employment and Industry Development information

Transport for NSW is committed to leveraging a once-in-a-generation investment in infrastructure to create a more resilient, diverse and inclusive industry.

As part of our Social Procurement and Workforce Development program the Programs Skills, Employment and Industry Development Strategy focuses on jobs, skills, diversity and business initiatives that achieve local economic and social outcomes. 


Skills, Employment & Industry Development Strategy infographics

The Skills, Employment and Industry Development Approach:

  1. A Skills, Employment and Industry Development Advisory Group (SEIDAG) has been established and includes representatives from Federal and State governments. The Group provides advice and support to Transport for NSW to help deliver the Skills, Employment & Industry Development (SEID) priorities and outcomes.
  2. The SEID Advisory Group members provide links to lessons learned on other projects and focus on achieving meaningful outcomes for local and regional businesses.
  3. Once contracts have been awarded, delivery partners will also be required to participate. The Group meets regularly to provide advice and support to the Program to support the delivery of Skills, Employment and Industry Development outcomes

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