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December 2013

Project approval

  • Yes. The NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure has considered the environmental assessment and submissions report for the Foxground and Berry bypass and granted environmental approval for the project. The project has been issued with a set of Minister's Conditions of Approval which will guide the detailed design, construction and operation of the project.
  • The Minister's Conditions of Approval are a set of requirements from the Minister of Planning and Infrastructure that Roads and Maritime and any of its contractors must comply with during detailed design, construction and operation. The Minister's Conditions of Approval are available to view or download on the project documents page.
  • The environmental assessment responds to the requirements issued by the Director-General of the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure. It reviews the potential environmental, economic and social benefits of the project. It also details the impacts associated with the project and identifies management measures to minimise these impacts.

    The environmental assessment also considers a detailed description of the construction work required for the project and describes how the highway would function once it is built.

    The environmental assessment documentation is available to view or download on the project documents page.

Submissions report

  • The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure received over 250 submissions on the Foxground and Berry bypass in response to the exhibition of the environmental assessment. Issues raised in these submissions have been addressed by Roads and Maritime and responses are provided in a submissions report (PDF, 7MB) which has been published.

    For every submission received, where contact details have been provided, Roads and Maritime has sent a letter detailing each individual's unique stakeholder identification number. The stakeholder ID numbers enable Roads and Maritime to protect privacy yet still allow each individual to track responses to the issues raised in their submission within the submission report.

  • Submissions received by Roads and Maritime have been allocated with a unique Stakeholder ID number. All Stakeholder ID numbers are referenced in Appendix A of the submissions report, against the sections where responses to issues have been provided. A letter was sent to all stakeholders, who provided their contact details, outlining their unique Stakeholder ID number. Roads and Maritime was unable to provide individuals who asked DP&I to withhold their contact details with their Stakeholder ID number. Individuals will need to contact DP&I to request the individual reference (Form No) DP&I allocated to their submission. This reference can be used by Roads and Maritime to provide the Stakeholder ID number.
  • his issue has been addressed as part of the refined concept design. Roads and Maritime expects to know the estimated costs at the detailed design phase of the project.
  • Roads and Maritime took a considered approach to this submission and has provided a response on page 31 of the submissions report.
  • Roads and Maritime has provided a response to this submission on page 82 of the submissions report.

Construction timing

  • Prior to construction beginning several important milestones must be met. These include: creating a detailed design, acquiring property, preparing contract documents and undertaking utility adjustments and geotechnical investigations.

    Tenders for detailed design and construction of the project have now closed. It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded in the first half of 2014, with construction commencement expected in 2014/15 and project completion in 2018.


  • The NSW Government has committed $500 million in its first term to build the Gerringong upgrade (currently under construction) and to commence the Foxground and Berry bypass. Additional funding to complete the project has been identified by the NSW Government with the successful lease of Port Kembla and Port Botany.

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