Bus layover

Bus layover

The Australian and NSW Governments are proposing to construct a bus layover in Macquarie Park to improve public transport in the area.

Project information

We propose to build a bus layover to increase the efficiency of the bus network on Talavera Road near the corner with Culloden Road, Macquarie Park.

The bus layover will provide facilities for drivers, such as a meal room and toilet where drivers will have recovery time and park (up to 20) buses between services.

The proposed layover will mean that drivers can take their designated breaks close to their last stop and not have to travel back to the depot.

We will continue to consult and work with key stakeholders on our proposal.

There will be an opportunity to share your knowledge and feedback. We will keep you informed.

Contact us

For further information please contact our project team:

Phone: 1800 565 902

Email: Macquarie.Park@transport.nsw.gov.au

Mail: Macquarie Park Precinct, PO Box 973, Parramatta, NSW 2124

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