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Herring Road improvements

The Australian and NSW Governments are funding this work to improve public transport in Macquarie Park, ease congestion and improve travel times.

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APR 2021

APR 2021April 2021 Project update

For details of the work our upcoming construction activities, please explore the interactive map on this page.

More information about the progress of the Devlin Street improvements can be can be found in the April Community update (PDF, 544Kb).

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Project information

We started work in November 2020 to widen Herring Road between Epping Road and Waterloo Road to provide a dedicated northbound bus lane. We will also improve three intersections along this section of Herring Road.

At the Herring Road and Epping Road intersection we will:

  • re-align and lengthen three left hand turning slip lanes
  • install pedestrian islands across Epping Road
  • build larger traffic islands
  • install pedestrian fencing along the median in the centre of Epping Road
  • provide an additional northbound right turn lane onto Epping Road
  • adjust the road medians and lane alignment.

At the Herring Road and Ivanhoe Place intersection we will:

  • replace the roundabout with traffic lights, including signalised pedestrian crossing
  • create a dedicated right turn lane onto Ivanhoe Place from Herring Road
  • provide two additional right turn and left turn traffic lanes out of Ivanhoe Place
  • extend the southbound bus lane to the intersection
  • create a dedicated right turn lane into Morling College
  • provide additional right turn lane out of Morling College
  • adjust road medians and traffic lane alignment.

At the Herring Road and Waterloo Road intersection we will:

  • extend the right turn lanes from Herring Road onto Waterloo Road
  • remove the bus only right turn restriction from University Avenue onto Herring Road
  • create an additional bus only through lane northbound on Herring road
  • add a dedicated left turn lane from Herring Road onto University Avenue
  • widen the footpaths
  • adjust the road medians.

The Herring Road improvements is one of a suite of projects, which form part of the stimulus package announced by the Federal Government on 29 June 2020. This package aims to help support economic growth and jobs creation in the post COVID-19.

This work was originally included in Stage two of the Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Improvements.

  • Improve the reliability of bus services and reduce travel time.
  • Improve traffic flow around Macquarie Park.
  • Ease congestion and improve travel times for all road users during peak periods.
  • Improve pedestrian safety by providing new and improved crossing facilities across a number of busy roads.
  • Cater for future growth in bus services.
  • Improve connections between bus services and the metro stations.
  • Help make Macquarie Park a great place to live, work and study.
  • Help make Macquarie Park an even better place to live, work and study.

We consulted with the community on this proposal in 2017, as part of Stage Two of the Macquarie Park Bus Priority and Capacity Program. A submissions report (PDF, 14.9Mb) was release in October 2017.

Project documents

Community updates

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Community update April 2021

Work continues on the Macquarie Park Bus Priority Improvements – Epping Road and Herring Road

Community update February 2021

Work continues on the Macquarie Park Bus Priority Improvements – Epping Road and Herring Road

February 2021

Work continues on the Herring Road improvements, Macquarie Park

November 2020 community update

Work starts on the Macquarie Park Bus Priority Improvements - Epping Road and Herring Road



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