Pitt and Marsden Street, Parramatta.

Parramatta Congestion Improvement Program

The NSW Government has committed $30 million to reduce congestion around the Parramatta local government area by upgrading key intersections that access the Parramatta Central Business District.

Project information

The NSW Government is funding a $30 million Parramatta Congestion Improvement Program to address congestion by improving traffic flow in Parramatta and surrounding areas. As Sydney’s second CBD, improved access to Parramatta is important to better manage traffic demand, increase through traffic and improve safety for all road users.

The program will help ease congestion through:

  • widening small sections of roads or intersections
  • adding extra turn bays, through lanes or turning lanes
  • modifying traffic signals at key intersections.

Program improvements are expected to:

  • improve access to and from the Parramatta CBD
  • better manage increased traffic on the surrounding road network
  • improve safety for all road users
  • reduce queue lengths and increase through traffic
  • facilitate growth and development in Parramatta and surrounding areas.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like further information about this program, please contact the project team by:

Phone: 1800 979 577 (during business hours)

Email: parramatta@transport.nsw.gov.au

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