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Bus Priority Infrastructure Program (BPIP)

The NSW Government released its roadmap to deliver the state’s future transport network, the Future Transport Strategy 2056, in 2018. The Bus Priority Infrastructure Program supports this vision by delivering infrastructure that make bus services faster and more reliable, such as bus lanes, bus priority at intersections or more efficient bus stop placement.

Video of completed bus priority improvements on Smith Street and Wilde Avenue, Parramatta.

Bus Priority Infrastructure Program Projects

The Future Transport Strategy 2056 is the NSW Government’s overarching strategy to achieve a 40 year vision for our transport system.

Buses are a key part of Sydney’s growing and evolving public transport network. Sydney’s buses provide more than 220 million trips a year across the city. As Sydney grows, the bus system needs to meet the challenges growth brings.

Future Transport 2056’s focus is to enable people and goods to move safely, efficiently and reliably around Greater Sydney. The Bus Priority Infrastructure Program introduces measures to support reduced travel time for bus services and to make them more reliable by prioritising public transport on key corridors.

Road and Maritime supports Future Transport 2056 by delivering projects that make bus services faster, reliable and accessible. These projects help to provide:

  • red bus lanes
  • bus priority at intersections
  • more efficient bus stop placement
  • a more seamless customer experience through improvements to wayfinding signage or accessible ground surface indicators

Roads and Maritime will provide further information on specific bus priority projects as the program is rolled out.

For more information on please visit the Future Transport Strategy 2056 page.

For more information about the Bus Priority Infrastructure Program, please view or download the fact sheet or for more information on bus routes please refer to the bus operator maps on the Transport for NSW website.

Contact us

For more information about the Bus Priority Infrastructure Program:

Phone: 1800 575 250

Email: buspriority@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Mail: Bus Priority, PO Box 973, Parramatta NSW 2124.

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