Darling Point Wharf Upgrade.

Darling Point Wharf Upgrade

The NSW Government is proposing to upgrade Darling Point Wharf as part of the Transport Access Program.

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JUL 2021

JUL 2021Consultation closed

We invited the community and stakeholders to provide feedback on the concept design between late May 2021 and early July 2021. We are preparing a consultation report that summarises the feedback we received and our responses. The report will be available on our website. Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their feedback..

Project information

Transport for NSW is improving Sydney’s ferry services for customers. New and upgraded wharves are being delivered as part of the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program.

Customers with mobility needs are currently unable to access Darling Point Road from Darling Point Wharf. The existing wharf at Darling Point is a simple wooden jetty with tidal steps.

The proposed wharf design includes a new hydraulically operated platform. The platform can automatically adjust in height to improve the efficiency of berthing vessels. A hydraulic system is generally used at wharf locations where wave conditions are stronger allowing for the safe pickup and drop-off of passengers.

Upgrades would also include:

  • a waiting area with a curved roof, seating and glass weather protection panels for passenger comfort
  • a covered gangway
  • an uncovered boardwalk and viewing platform connecting the waiting area to the lift
  • a new lift and stairs on the foreshore
  • bicycle parking hoops
  • kiss-and-ride zone.

An accessible parking spot is currently being investigated near the wharf interchange. More information would be provided during the Review of Environmental Factors consultation process.

We are also investigating design ideas for the lift walls – see images on the interactive portal. Based on community feedback and feasibility, a preferred option will be selected as part of the detailed design process.

The new wharf would provide Darling Point with facilities that all members of the community can access.

The Wharf Upgrade Program has been designed to create a distinctive theme for Sydney Harbour. The design aims to unify and identify the harbour wharves and the ferry commuter transport system.

In designing the new wharves a number of areas need to be considered such as accessibility, the environment, customer safety and amenity, future demand and ferry operations. These are outlined in the Design Considerations factsheet.

The existing wharf structure would be removed as part of this upgrade.

Ferry services to Darling Point Wharf will be interrupted during the construction of the proposed wharf. Customers would be able to catch alternative public transport including bus services, the train at Edgecliff Station and the ferry at Double Bay Wharf. Every effort would be made to lessen the disruption to the community.

More information and the opportunity to provide feedback about how construction could affect you will be provided as part of the Review of Environmental Factors consultation process.

Wharf interchanges across Sydney are being upgraded to improve the transport experience for customers and the community. Find out more about wharf upgrades in your area.

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