Construction of Batemans Bay Bridge

Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project

The $274 million project will build better connections in and around Batemans Bay for motorists, freight, river users, pedestrians and cyclists. Major work started in early 2019 and in late March 2021 the replacement bridge will open to traffic. The opening of the new bridge signals the start of work to remove the existing bridge and continue improvements to the foreshore. The project is planned to be complete in early 2023.

Latest news

JUL 2021

JUL 2021Major works continuing on Batemans Bay Bridge replacement

Works are underway on both the northern and southern approaches while the removal of the old Batemans Bay Bridge continues.

For more information on upcoming works and the latest project news please view or download the July project update (PDF, 2.08Mb).

JUN 2021

JUN 2021Southern foreshore sculpture artist announced

Joel Adler has been selected from a group of talented artists who expressed interest in designing a sculpture to pay tribute to the original Batemans Bay Bridge. The sculpture is set to be the centrepiece of the southern foreshore upgrade as part of the project.

The first of a series of videos detailing Joel and the design process is now available in our video gallery.

JUN 2021

JUN 2021Removal of the old Batemans Bay Bridge

Removal of the old bridge has now started and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021, drawing to a close 65 years of service to the region.

Some of the work to remove the old bridge will need to be completed outside of normal construction hours. Read our recent media release which provides more information.

Visit the project’s photo gallery for the latest photo update, including images of the removal of the first span from the old bridge.

MAR 2021

MAR 2021Project update

For the latest project news and information please view or download the March 2021 project update (PDF, 2.88Mb).

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Project information

  • Build better connections in and around Batemans Bay for motorists, freight, river users, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Reduce traffic delays
  • Uninterrupted access for river users
  • Improved connectivity for the Batemans Bay community
  • Better and more reliable trips for locals, tourists, businesses and freight
  • Upgraded community-friendly foreshore areas


Major construction work on the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project began in late 2018. The NSW Government engaged John Holland to design and build the new bridge.

The new bridge opened to two lanes of traffic in March 2021, with the shared pedestrian and cycle path opening the same month.

The project is planned to be complete by early 2023.

Key project features include:

  • New four-lane bridge over the Clyde River at Batemans Bay, including a three-metre-wide pedestrian and cyclist shared pathway
  • Upgraded roundabout intersection at the Princes and Kings Highway
  • Improved local road and pathway connections on both the northern and southern foreshores in Batemans Bay
  • Tall vessel access to the Clyde River increased to 12 metres at high tide
  • Upgraded foreshore areas including toilet facilities with uninterrupted access for river users

Motorists travelling on Clyde Street in Batemans Bay are advised that as part of the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project, one lane will be closed between the boat ramp and t-wharf carparks and traffic will be controlled by portable traffic signals.

Motorists are advised that traffic changes will be in place on Clyde Street for up to six months to allow for bridge removal and foreshore upgrade works.

Motorists are asked to drive to the conditions and follow the directions of signage and traffic control devices.

There will no longer be direct access between the Princes Highway and Clyde Street.  Motorists will access Clyde Street via North Street. 

Please watch this informative video outlining these changed traffic conditions.

To improve traffic flow during the peak holiday period, we will temporarily open a new slip lane off the Princes Highway in North Batemans Bay. Southbound motorists on the Princes Highway will be able to turn left onto Wharf Road from 9 October 2020, weather permitting. This new slip lane also incorporates a new roundabout along Wharf Road.

This southbound slip lane will remain open until early to mid 2021 following the peak holiday seasons in 2021. The community will be notified separately when the slip lane closes for the completion of construction work along Wharf Road.

For more information view the project notification (PDF, 436Kb).

The NSW Government has introduced new rules under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Order 2020 to allow construction sites to operate on weekends and public holidays to support the industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new construction hours for the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project will be Monday to Sunday (including public holidays) from 7am to 6pm. These new construction hours will come into effect for the project on Saturday 2 May 2020.

For more information, view the April 2020 notification letter (PDF, 265Kb).

Transport for NSW has been working closely with NSW Health to address the challenge of coronavirus (COVID-19) and support the containment efforts.

With the easing of restrictions, we have reopened the community display centre. The community display centre is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (excluding public holidays) and is located at 2 Vesper Street, Batemans Bay.

In our interactions with you at the display centre, we are following social distancing, hygiene, cleaning and record keeping guidelines from the NSW Government.

Visitor and disabled parking is available.

Work on the project continues, and we encourage the community to continue to contact the project’s Community Relations Team for information and receive up-to-date information via:

The project team will continue to monitor the situation and manage future arrangements in accordance with public health advice.

During some activities we will be required to work outside of standard hours to minimise disruptions during peak periods. We will inform the community before any out of hours works is required.

  • We are starting to carry out bridge finishing work including traffic barrier installation, concrete pours and concreting the bridge approaches. Bridge finishing works will start at the northern approaches to the new bridge while bridge segment erection continues at the southern end of the bridge. This means the two activities will not take place in the same location, minimising potential impacts to the community. The planned finishing work will be carried out between 6am and 10pm Monday to Friday from Monday 2 November 2020 to mid 2021, weather permitting. For more information, view the November 2020 notification (PDF, 584Kb).
  • Segment erection will be extended up to 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday including Saturday morning until mid December 2020, weather permitting. No 24-hour work will take place on Saturday and Sunday nights or on public holidays. This segment erection work is required outside of the extended standard construction hours for the safety of the community and to minimise impacts to motorists using Clyde Street west. Carrying out some segment erection activities at night and in the early morning will maximise use of favourable tide and wind speeds, with conditions often safer during these time periods. View our November 2020 notification (PDF, 584Kb) for more information.
  • We are currently transporting 166 concrete bridge segments from a pre-cast facility south of Mogo, along the Princes Highway to the construction areas on the southern and northern foreshores in Batemans Bay. These concrete segments will be transported under police escort, from Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings outside of peak traffic hours to minimise the impact to motorists and the local This work will continue until late 2020, weather permitting. View the February 2020 notification letter (PDF, 298Kb) for more information.
  • Extended out of hours work will be carried out at the pre-cast facility, south of Mogo. Work will occur 24 hours per day from Mondays to Saturdays (inclusive) from 18 May 2020 to late 2020, weather permitting. Operating hours and production activities during the day on Sunday will remain within extended standard construction hours of 7am to 6pm, with no concrete pouring taking place before 9am on Sundays. View the May 2020 letter to residents (PDF, 369Kb) for more information.
  • We are carrying out evening concrete pours followed by early morning concrete finishing on up to seven separate occasions between Monday 8 June and December 2020, weather permitting. This work will be carried out on the northern and southern foreshores and on the Clyde River. We plan to pour concrete up to 10pm from Monday to Friday and then carry out quiet concrete finishing works the following morning form 5am between Tuesday and Saturday. View the June 2020 notification letter (PDF, 302Kb) for more information.

We invited community feedback on the Urban Design and Landscaping Plan, including the foreshore designs, in June 2019. This feedback period has now closed all submissions will be considered for further design refinements.

Check out the online interactive map to see the foreshore designs or view the proposed plans for the northern and southern foreshores (PD, 1.05Mb).

View the full Urban Design and Landscape report (PDF, 77.9Mb).

We worked closely with a foreshore advisory committee made up of community members and stakeholders groups that provided expertise and advice on the foreshore designs.

View the committee’s summary report (PDF, 260Kb) that explains how the committee influenced the design of the foreshore area.

The project is currently exceeding state-wide employment targets, with almost 45 per cent of the workforce being locals and large numbers of under- represented groups also employed on the project.

As of August 2019 the project workforce consists of:

  • Locals, making up 47 per cent of workers
  • Learning Workers, 40 per cent of workforce was in training in August 2019, double the state target
  • Females in Non-Traditional Roles, 7 per cent of workforce, more than double the state target
  • Aboriginal employment – 12 per cent of workforce, about triple the state target
  • Under 25s - 8.5 per cent of workforce
  • Long Term Unemployed – 9 per cent of workforce, about triple the state target.

Please view or download the detailed design community update for more information on the upgraded design.

A summary of the community's feedback that helped shape the final design can be viewed in the Submissions Report.

Project documents

Project updates

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File Title Size
July 2021 project update 2.08Mb
March to June 2021 project update

Three month look ahead March to June 2021.

April to June 2020 project update

Three month look ahead April to June 2020.

January to March 2020 project update

Three month look ahead January to March 2020.

October 2019 project update

Three month look ahead October to December 2019.

September 2019 project update

Three month look ahead July to September 2019.

June 2019 project update

Batemans Bay Foreshore Designs.


Project notifications

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December 2020 project notification

Widening vehicle turnaround area in Clyde Street west, Batemans Bay

December 2020 project notification

Both Batemans Bay town boat ramps will be open during the peak holiday period

November 2020 project notification

Relocating traffic island at North Street and Clyde Street intersection, Batemans Bay.

September 2020 project notification

We have updated our plan to maintain Clyde River boat ramp access during construction of the Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project.

September 2020 project notification

]Introduction of new 12 metre vertical height limit for Clyde River marine vessels at Batemans Bay Bridge.

June 2020 project notification

Out of hours work for concrete pouring.

May 2020 project notification

Temporary 90 minute closures of Clyde Street west boat ramp

May 2020 project notification

Out of hours work for segment erection until mid 2021.

May 2020 project notification

Pedestrian access changes for temporary side track construction at Clyde Street west Batemans Bay from 11 May 2020.

April 2020 project notification

Extension of standard work hours due to COVID-19 pandemic.

April 2020 project notification

Access Changes to Wharf Road and Old Punt Road for motorists and pedestrians

February 2020 project notification

Out of hours transport of concrete bridge segments on the Princes Highway

December 2019 Letter to residents

Proposed out of hours concrete bridge segment production from 11 January 2020 to September 2020

November 2019 project Out of Hours Work notification

Out of hours work required to complete concrete pouring from Monday 2 December

September 2019 project notification

Temporary pedestrian changes at Old Punt Road.



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Urban Design and Landscape Plan

Batemans Bay Bridge over Clyde River.

June 2019 Summary of feedback from the Foreshore Advisory Committee

Batemans Bay Bridge replacement project.


Frequently Asked Questions

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September 2020 frequently asked questions

Changes to existing local boat ramp facility access during construction of the Batemans Bay Bridge.

December 2018 frequently asked questions

Final bridge design

Frequently asked questions

Urban Design and Landscape Plan

Frequently asked questions

Piling Fact Sheet.


Media releases

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21 May 2021

History beckons as work begins to remove the old Batemans Bay bridge

27 March 2021

New Batemans Bay Bridge welcomes first traffic

19 March 2021

Register to join new Batemans Bay Bridge celebration

23 February 2021

New Batemans Bay Bridge to welcome traffic within weeks

2 July 2020

Locals help to build Batemans Bay Bridge

December 2019

Batemans Bay Bridge leaps into the New Year

December 2019

Batemans Bay Bridge lift span back to normal operation from tomorrow



Contact us

For further information, please contact the project team:

Phone: 1800 870 119


The project team will continue to monitor the situation and manage future arrangements in accordance with public health advice.

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