Aerial view of Barham Bridge

Barham Koondrook Bridge

Transport for NSW, in partnership with Regional Roads Victoria, is continuing to maintain Barham Koondrook Bridge over the Murray River to ensure the bridge continues to meet current vehicle loads and volumes, as well as the growing needs of the local and travelling community into the future.

Project team recreate photo from 1904

During the mammoth Barham-Koondrook Bridge restoration project, the project team enjoyed being a part of history on the Murray River, recreating a photo from September 1904.

The 1904 photo was taken a month before the official opening of the bridge in 2018.

You can compare the old and new photos on this page.

Barham Bridge construction crew re-creation

Project information

Transport for NSW carried out a major restoration project on the the historic lift span bridge between April 2012 and December 2018. Work included mechanical repairs to the lift span and replacing the NSW approach span.

This restoration work ensured the bridge would continue to meet current vehicle loads and volumes, as well as the growing needs of the local and travelling community into the future. Without this work, restrictions such as load limits would have to be imposed, restricting accessibility across the river.

The Barham Koondrook Bridge is one of the oldest lift span bridges on the Murray River. It is listed on the NSW State Heritage register and has to be retained for its heritage value.

The review of environmental factors into the restoration project was displayed for community comment in March 2016 and a submissions report completed.

The restoration of the Barham Koondrook Bridge was modified to include:

  • A pedestrian walkway attached to the outside of the existing upstream bridge trusses and lift span
  • Installation of lighting on the bridge
  • Installation of a lift span maintenance ladder
  • Removal of the existing bridge pathway barrier
  • Removal of a tree.

The submissions report and review of environmental factors can be viewed in project documents.

Following the completion of the $30 million Barham Koondrook Bridge restoration between 2012 and 2018, and a further $1.5 million strengthening project in 2021, the historic bridge’s capacity was upgraded.

The Murray River bridge is open to B-Doubles operating at Higher Mass Limits (HML) and Performance Based Standards Level Two vehicles operating at Tier One HML

For Oversize Overmass enquiries, please contact 1300 656 371.  

For more information about accessibility and limits on NSW roads and bridges, see the NSW Oversize Overmass Load Carrying Vehicles Network map.

Project documents


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For more information about the project, please contact the Bridge Works Manager on:

Phone: 1300 679 842


Mail: PO Box 484, Wagga Wagga NSW 2560

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