Personal watercraft hire and drive trial

We are currently trialling a PWC hire and drive tour operation on the Hawkesbury. It's open to licensed and unlicensed and unlicensed PWC drivers.

People driving two jetskies on a river

About the trial

Transport for NSW (Maritime) is currently trialling a personal watercraft (PWC) hire and drive tour operation on the Hawkesbury River.

Under the conditions of the trial, you are able to book a tour with the operator even if you don't have a PWC licence.

The trial will continue until September 2021.

Until the trial has concluded and been evaluated, Transport does not intend to approve other applications for similar activities on NSW waterways.

The concept being trialled allows people new to PWCs to experience driving a PWC without a licence, under strictly controlled conditions, and with qualified tour guides.

Developing a safer PWC community

Learning about PWC safety and safe behaviours are key elements within the education component of the trial. Speed and rider behaviour will also be tightly controlled and monitored by Transport’s Authorised Officers.

By allowing this type of activity, Transport aims to strengthen the foundation stages of education of PWC riders, while also engaging key commercial operators and retailers to become more prominent partners in the development of a safer PWC community.

The activity will be closely monitored by Transport to ensure the conditions of approval are being met and to provide other waterway users and residents of surrounding areas with an avenue to raise concerns, provide comment, or gain further information about the trial.

Post-trial evaluation and recommendations

Following the trial period, the Hawkesbury River operation will be evaluated on a range of criteria related to the safety, access and amenity of the waterway. The evaluation is also expected to inform the statewide position for the potential approval of this type of activity on NSW waterways in the future.

Note: Transport is under no obligation to approve this type of activity moving forward and there is no guarantee this activity will be supported post trial.

The trial and subsequent post trial review will make recommendations for consideration moving forward beyond September 2021.

More information

For more information on the trial, or if you would like to register to receive information on the result of the trial evaluation, please contact

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