Aquatic events

This page outlines what an aquatic event is, how and when to apply for an aquatic licence and the relevant application fees. It also provides information on which aquatic events have been approved and some tips for attending.

An aquatic event is an event, competition, exhibition or any other activity which restricts the availability of navigable waters for normal use by the public.

Roads and Maritime Services imposes penalties if an aquatic event/activity is conducted without an aquatic licence. To apply for an aquatic licence, you’ll need to:

  • Submit your application
  • Submit your supporting documentation
  • Pay the appropriate fees.

A complete application must be received by Roads and Maritime a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event date, or the application may be refused. Longer periods should be allowed for more complex activities. For more information refer to Applying for an aquatic event licence.

More information on aquatic events and the licence application process are contained in the following pages:

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