Navigation Restriction - Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour - Dawes Point - Sydney Harbour Bridge maintenance works

Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour - Dawes Point
10pm to 6am - 30 August to 3 September 2021


Vessel operators are advised that essential maintenance works associated with the Sydney Harbour Bridge (SHB) which spans Port Jackson will commence at 10:00pm on Monday 30 August 2021 and continue for a period of 4 nights finishing by 6:00am on Friday 3 September 2021. The works will be conducted between 10:00pm and 6:00am Monday to Thursday night outside of peak vessel traffic times overnight.


Temporary Exclusion Zones will be implemented between the above time on the above dates to allow for critical barge and infrastructure movements to be conducted. At no time during the period of the works will the entire breadth of the channel be blocked, however the southern section of the channel adjacent to the Dawes Point seawall will be closed based on the location of the overhead works.

The Exclusion Zones will be broadcast by Sydney VTS on VHF13. At times when Exclusion Zones are activated, contractor control vessels will be on-station to advise boaters not to enter the area.

All vessel operators and persons in the vicinity must keep a proper lookout, keep well clear of the works and pay particular attention to construction work vessels. Masters are to exercise extreme caution when navigating in the vicinity and follow directions from control vessels.

This navigation restriction and warning remains in place for the duration of the works.


Transport for NSW advises:

  1. Persons within the vicinity of the works must comply with any directions given by a Boating Safety Officer or Police Officer in relation to the works or to marine safety. Failure to comply with any such direction is an offence (Marine Safety Act 1998, s.15A - Maximum Penalty $3,300.00).
  2. Vessels are required to maintain a safe distance and speed from the works and operators are reminded that the production of wash which impacts unreasonably on the works is an offence (Marine Safety Regulation 2016 – clause 11(2)) - Maximum Penalty $5,500.00).


Transport for NSW Boating Map - 9G, Nautical Charts AUS 200 and AUS 202

For further information concerning this Navigation Restriction, please contact Transport for NSW (Maritime) on 13 12 36.


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