Navigation Warning - Richmond River, Ballina - Replacement of lead lights at Coastal Bar

Richmond River, Ballina
Replacement of lead lights at Coastal Bar
From Wednesday 1 July 2020 until further notice


Vessel operators are advised that in order to improve navigation across the bar into the entrance of the Richmond River at Ballina Transport for NSW ("TfNSW") are upgrading the current lead lights to sector lead lights. These works will commence on Wednesday 1 July 2020 and continue until further notice. The upgraded lights will remain in place indefinitely.


A sector light is a fixed aid to navigation that displays a light of different colours and/or rhythms over designated arcs. The colour of the light provides directional information to aid navigation of vessels. The indicated bearing is 310.02⁰ and is the centreline channel indicated by a white light. The light remains visible at day and night at times the bearing or heading may change slightly.

Vessel operators are advised to log on with Marine Rescue by marine radio channel 16 VHF and seek advice before crossing the entrance to the Richmond River. Vessel operators are reminded to be extra vigilant and exercise caution when navigating the entrance to the Richmond River (the bar) at Ballina.

This navigation warning remains in place until further notice.


TfNSW Boating Map - 2A

For further information concerning this Navigation Warning, please contact Transport for NSW Maritime Info line on 131 236.


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