Navigation Warning - Coastal Waters – Tweed Heads to Merimbula - Listening station buoys

Coastal Waters – Tweed Heads to Merimbula
Tuesday 4 October 2016 until further notice.


Vessel operators are advised that as a component of the NSW Government Shark Management Strategy, the Department of Primary Industries are to provide twenty satellite linked VR4G shark listening stations, which consist of acoustic receivers on customised yellow buoys. The buoys are approximately 3.5 metres in length and are fitted with 3.5 metre long steel sub-frames. The buoys will be located in offshore waters near Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Lennox Head, Ballina, Evans Head, Yamba, Coffs Harbour, South West Rocks, Crescent Head, Port Macquarie, Old Bar, Forster, Hawks Nest, Redhead, Sydney, Kiama, Sussex Inlet, Mollymook, Batemans Bay and Merimbula.


Twenty VR4G listening station buoys have been deployed in approximately 10 to 12 metres depth of water at the following locations:

Location VR4G GPS Coordinate
Kingscliff Beach, Tweed Heads 28.250267° S, 153.584300° E
Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay 28.630817° S, 153.627483° E
Lennox Point, Lennox Head 28.803917° S, 153.607667° E
Sharps Beach, Ballina 28.837133° S, 153.610383° E
Lighthouse Beach, Ballina 28.869317° S, 153.600533° E
Main Beach, Evans Head 29.108850° S, 153.439783° E
Main Beach, Yamba 29.433330° S, 153.369850° E
Park Beach, Coffs Harbour 30.291217° S, 153.145283° E
Front Beach, South West Rocks 30.879700° S, 153.045250° E
Crescent Head Beach, Crescent Head 31.182950° S, 152.989983° E
Lighthouse Beach, Port Macquarie 31.481417° S, 152.936550° E
Old Bar Beach, Old Bar 31.975840 °S, 152.596370° E
Main Beach, Forster 32.174417° S, 153.516300° E
Bennets Beach, Hawks Nest 32.674961° S, 152.192254° E
Redhead Beach, Redhead 33.019332° S, 151.723706° E
Bondi Beach, Sydney 33.896499° S, 151.280312° E
Kiama Beach/Kendall’s Beach, Kiama 34.678563° S, 150.861684° E
Cudmirrah Beach, Sussex Inlet 35.194163° S, 150.585780° E
Mollymook Beach, Mollymook 35.336768° S, 150.480350° E
Malua Bay Beach, Batemans Bay 35.795033° S, 150.237040° E
Main Beach, Merimbula 36.900331° S, 149.921495° E

The buoys will display a yellow flashing light with a range of 2 nautical miles with a flash rate of 1 second on / 4 seconds off.

Note: The buoy located at Main Beach, Forster will be marked by a east cardinal navigation buoy displaying light colour and flash sequence to correspond.

East cardinal mark - An east cardinal mark has two cones pointing away from each other. It is black and the top and bottom and yellow in the middle. Pass on the eastern side of this mark. When lit an east mark exhibits a white light flashing in groups of three (3) quick or very quick flashes.


Vessel operators are advised to exercise caution when navigating in the vicinity of these areas. This navigation warning remains in place until further notice. Vessel operators are advised that it is an offence to secure or anchor a vessel to the listening station buoys. Penalties apply.


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AUS Charts 220, 806, 807, 808, 809, 810, 811, 812, 813

For further information regarding this navigation warning, please contact the Roads and Maritime Info line 13 12 36 (8:30am to 5:00pm – Mon to Fri, 8:30am to 4:00pm – Sat & Sun)


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