Marine notices and closures

Transport for NSW issues marine notices for vessel operators. These notices give safety advice about potential hazards and special events.

Check notices before you go boating

Transport for NSW issues marine notices with safety advice for vessel operators.

Check notices before you go boating to see if there are potential hazards or special events on the waterway.

The notice types we publish include navigation warnings, and aquatic event licence or special event ‘exclusive use’ conditions.

We publish notices on this website (see below) and in the NSW Government Gazette. We also distribute them to organisations such as Marine Rescue and print media.

Penalties for breaching notices

Notices are required under the Marine Safety Act 1998.

Once a notice is published, it's an offence to breach it. You can be fined for failing to leave an area set aside for an exclusive use/special event.

Navigation warnings

Navigation warnings alert people to hazardous conditions on NSW waterways.

For example, if a vessel sinks in shallow water and becomes an obstruction, or if a coastal bar shifts and changes shape.

We make every effort to warn vessel operators of dangerous changed circumstances, or potential hazards.

Transport for NSW issues warnings in an advisory capacity as the safety regulator for waterways and boating. They also form part of our risk management approach to safe navigation. The warnings have no legal status.

Aquatic event licences and special events

A special event marine notice must be published when a special event is declared.

The notice advises the public of areas closed to recreational navigation.

They're issued when a body is given ‘exclusive use’ of waters. This may be to conduct an activity under an aquatic licence, or another event affecting navigation safety.

The notices may describe the parameters of the 'exclusive use' area, the time and date, and how the area is marked off.

The notices warn the public of events, so they don't, for example, accidentally move into the middle of a race, a dangerous set of construction works, or a fireworks barge.


Information on current closures of navigable waters in NSW:

Tumut Ponds

While not closed by Transport for NSW, other authorities advise that Tumut Ponds:

  • is closed by Snowy Hydro Limited due to low water levels
  • will be reopened when advised by Snowy Hydro Limited that water levels have increased to an appropriate level.

Notices by location

These notices are listed by location, from NSW north to south. You can sort the table by column, or use the search box to find a location or notice number.

Alpine watersAlpine watersNo current notices  
Coastal watersCamden HavenNavigation Advice – Coastal Waters – Camden Haven – Laurieton Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) out of position9 February 2021 until further noticeNH2110
Coastal watersTweed Coastal Waters, near Cook IslandNavigation Restriction - Tweed Coastal Waters, near Cook Island - Wave measuring buoys8 May 2019 ongoingNH1968
Coastal watersTweed Heads to MerimbulaNavigation Warning - Coastal Waters – Tweed Heads to Merimbula - Listening station buoys4 October 2016 until further noticeNH16114
Coastal watersNewcastle to Wollongong - Tasman SeaNavigation Warning - Tasman Sea - Lost shipping containers and debris12 June 2020 until further noticeSY2028
Coastal watersPort MacquarieNavigation Warning - Coastal Waters – Port Macquarie - Fisheries Aggregating Device (FAD) out of position19 June 2020 until further noticeNH2045
Coastal watersLord Howe IslandNavigation Advice - Middleton Reef, Lord Howe Island - Unexploded OrdnanceMonday 18 January 2021 ongoingNH2106
Coastal watersLord Howe IslandNavigation Warning - entrance to the North Passage, Lord Howe Island Lagoon26 March 2019 - ongoingNH1944
Coastal watersLord Howe IslandNavigation Advice - Entrance to Escott Passage, Lord Howe Island - Installation of leadsFrom 12 April 2019 until further noticeNH1945
Coastal watersSydney to BundeenaNavigation Warning - Sydney to Bundeena Coastal Waters, Tasman Sea - surface and sub-surface moorings12 August 2020 until further noticeSY2033
Coastal watersSydney to BundeenaNavigation Restriction - Tasman Sea North Broulee Beach, Bengello Beach and Merimbula Beach - Installation of research apparatus16 November 2020 until November 2021SO2045
NorthCoffs HarbourNavigation warning - Coffs Harbour Marina, Coffs Harbour - Construction works19 July to 30 November 2021NH2151
NorthManning River, Old BarNavigation Restriction - dredging of Farquhar Inlet14 July to 10 September 2021NH2150
NorthTweed River, Fingal to MurwillumbahNavigation Restriction - Tweed River to Murwillumbah - Waterski races31 July to 1 August 2021NH2140
NorthHastings River, WauchopeUnmarked hazards and altered riverbed conditions reducing charted depths.8 July - ongoingNH2149
NorthFingal Bay BeachThe 2021 Australian IRB and interstate Championships9 to 12 September 2021NH2145
NorthCoffs Harbour, Grafton, Yambal, Ballina, Lismore, Tweed Heads, Gunnedah and BingaraNavigation Warning - Maintenance works involving divers to North Coast Bridges5 July to 29 October 2021NH2147
NorthPaterson River, HintonNavigation Restriction - Paterson River, Hinton - Hinton Bridge maintenance works7 June 2021 to 15 October 2021NH2139
NorthManning River, Camden Haven, Hastings River, Macleay River, Nambucca River and Bellinger River, and Coastal OffshoreNavigation Restriction - Manning River, Camden Haven, Hastings River, Macleay River, Nambucca River and Bellinger River, and Coastal Offshore - Navigation hazards22 March 2021 - OngoingNH2125
NorthRichmond River, CorakiNavigation Restriction - Richmond River, Coraki - Maintenance to Glebe Bridge21 June 2021 to 27 May 2022NH2141
NorthRichmond RiverNavigation Warning - Richmond River, Ballina - Replacement of lead lights at Coastal Bar1 July 2020 until further noticeNH2047
NorthYamba, Clarence RiverNavigation Warning Hickey Island Lead, Clarence River, Yamba - Altered seabed conditions reducing charted depths7 September 2020 until further noticeNH2062
NorthCoffs HarbourNavigation Restriction - Offshore Waters, Tasman Sea Adjacent To Muttonbird Island7 February 2013 - OngoingNH1318
NorthMacleay RiverNavigation Warning - Sector light fault at bar crossing entrance11 March - ongoingNH1934
NorthMacleay RiverNavigation Warning - Macleay River Bar Crossing, South West Rocks24 November 2015 - until further noticeNH15130
NorthSouth West Rocks, Trial BayNavigation Warning - Macleay River, South West Rocks - Replacement of lead lights to sector lead lights at Macleay River Bar crossing and Rainbow ReachFrom 11 April 2019 until further noticeNH18119
NorthLake KeepitNavigation Warning - Lake Keepit, Tamworth - Low water levels19 December 2018 until further noticeNH1906
NorthManning RiverNavigation Restriction - Manning River, Taree - Dragon boat races21 and 22 August 2021NH2144
NorthManning RiverNavigation Restriction - Manning River - Old Bar - removal of navigation markersNovember 2010 - OngoingNH1064
NorthManning RiverNavigation Restriction - Manning River, Taree - Martin Bridge maintenance works17 June 2020 to 30 November 2021NH2039
NorthCape Hawke Harbour, ForsterNavigation Warning - Replacement of lead lights to sector lead lights at Cape Hawke Harbour entrance3 July 2020 until further noticeNH2048
NorthWallis Lake, Forster/TuncurryNavigation Restriction - Tuncurry Channel - Wallis Lake & Cape Hawke Harbour - Tuncurry Channel extended area - 4 knot speed limit and no wash areaMarch 2016 OngoingNH1643
NorthBarrington River, GloucesterNavigation Advice - Barrington River, Gloucester - Trees blocking river in two locations15 February 2021 until further noticeNH2112
NorthHastings RiverNavigation Restriction - Hunter River, Raymond Terrace - Power boat races7 JulyNH2148
NorthHunter RiverNavigation Restriction - Hunter River, Raymond Terrace - Power boat races1 November 2020
13 February 2021
14 February 2021
16 May 2021
30 May 2021
24 July 2021
25 July 2021
29 August 2021
NorthBlacksmiths BeachNavigation Advice - Hunter Coastal - Offshore Blacksmiths Beach - Artificial Reef InstallationInstalled August 2019NH1997
NorthLake MacquarieNavigation Restriction - Cockle Creek, Lake Macquarie, Boolaroo - Rehabilitation works to Cockle Creek railway bridge20 January 2020 to 31 January 2022NH19137
NorthLake MacquarieNavigation Restriction - Cockle Creek, Lake Macquarie, Boolaroo - Rehabilitation works to Cockle Creek railway bridge1 February 2021 to  31 December 2021NH2109
North Sandon River, Wooli River, Clarence River, Evans River, Richmond River, Brunswick River and Tweed RiverNavigation Warning - Sandon River, Wooli River, Clarence River, Evans River, Richmond River, Brunswick River and Tweed River, and Coastal Offshore24 March 2021 - OngoingNH2127
SydneyTuggerah Lake, The EntranceNavigation Restriction - Tuggerah Lakes/ Entrance Channel - Navigation Hazards, signage and aids to navigation14 February 2020 - OngoingSY2009
SydneyBrisbane WaterNavigation Warning and Advice - Little Box Head to Lobster Beach, Brisbane Water -shallow water in marked channelUntil further noticeSY1816
Sydney Hawkesbury RiverNavigation Warning - Nepean Hawkesbury Rivers, Navigation Hazards24 March 2021 - OngoingSY2107
SydneyBotany Bay / Port Hacking / Entrance to Port HackingInstallation of wave measuring device and mooring apparatus30 June to 1 October 2021SY2122
SydneyHawkesbury RiverNavigation Restriction - Hawkesbury River (Windsor Beach) - Power Boat Circuit Races20 September,
11 October,
18 October,
8 November 2020 & 7 February,
7 March,
11 April,
2 May,
11 July,
8 August 2021
SydneyHawkesbury RiverNavigation Restriction - Windsor Reach, Hawkesbury River - Old Windsor Bridge demolition works - Blocked channel1 September 2020 until further noticeSY2014
SydneyHawkesbury RiverNavigation Restriction - Hawkesbury River - Navigation hazards29 April 2020 - OngoingSY2025
SydneyHawkesbury RiverNavigation Warning - Sackville Cable Ferry, Hawkesbury River - navigable depth across cable ferry wiresFriday 25 October - ongoingSY1939
SydneySydney HarbourNavigation Restriction - Port Jackson, Sydney Harbour - Dawes Point - Sydney Harbour Bridge maintenance works20 July 2020 to June 2022SY2029
SydneySydney HarbourNavigation Restriction - Walsh Bay, Port Jackson - Maintenance works - Pier 2/3 and Pier 4/512 November 2019 to October 2021SY1943
SydneySydney Harbour /  Parramatta RiverNavigation Restriction Parramatta River, Ryde, Air draft reduction bridge maintenance works1 June to 16 July 2021SY2117
SydneySydney HarbourNavigation Warning - Berrys Bay and Balls Head, Port Jackson - Derelict structures and possible floating debris31 July 2018 - OngoingSY1829
SydneySydney HarbourNavigation Warning - Darling Harbour, Port Jackson - Extension of 4 knot speed restriction zone1 April 2017 OngoingSY1713
SydneyNepean River, PenrithNavigation Restriction - Nepean River - Navigation Hazards29 April 2020 - OngoingSY2026
SydneyBotany BayNavigation Restriction - Botany Bay - Airport Height Restrictions PERMANENTSY1412
SydneyBotany Bay/Georges RiverNavigation Warning - Floyd Bay, Georges River - Floyd Bay boat ramp closure1 May 2017 until further noticeSY1717
SouthClyde River, Batemans BayNavigation restriction Princes Hwy Bridge, Clyde River, Batemans Bay - Temporary change to minimum vertical clearance and channel horizontal width Princes Highway Bridge25 May to 31 August 2021SO2131
SouthMurray River / CurlwaaAbbotsford Bridge - Essential maintenance - lift span inoperable15 June to 24 September 2021SO2133
SouthSouth Coast between Wollongong and EdenInstallation of courtesy mooring network South CoastDecember 2019 - until further noticeSO1945
SouthLake VictoriaNavigation Warning - Lake Victoria, Western NSW - Closure of waterwayPERMANENTSO1850
SouthBatemans BayNavigation Restriction - Clyde River, Batemans Bay - Princes Highway bridge works20 September 2019 until further noticeSO1950
SouthBatemans BayNavigation Restriction - Clyde River and Batemans Bay, Batemans Bay - Delineation of open and enclosed waters limit17 September 2019 until further noticeSO1949
SouthBatemans BayWaterways speed limit change - Nelligen Channel, Clyde RiverPERMANENTSO1569
SouthJervis Bay - Callala BeachNavigation Restriction - Callala Beach, Jervis Bay - Installation of marine farm boundary markers and related infrastructure21 June 2019 - until further noticeSO1934
SouthShell Cove, Tasman SeaNavigation Restriction - Tasman Sea, Shell Cove Marina waters - Shell Cove Marina construction works15 March until September 2021SO2118
SouthShoalhaven River, NowraNavigation Restriction - Shoalhaven River, Nowra - Nowra Bridge Project Works15 June 2020 until further noticeSO2036
SouthEdenNavigation Warning - Snug Cove, Twofold Bay, Eden - navigational mark repositionedPERMANENTSO0213
SouthMurray River, Moama/EchucaNavigation Restriction - Murray River, Echuca - Moama - New Echuca - Moama Bridge25 March 2021 to 1 November 2021SO2123
SouthMurray RiverNavigation Restriction - Murray River - Waters below Lock 9 - restricted border accessFrom 24 July 2020 until further noticeSO2037
SouthWakool River, Wetuppa DistrictNavigation Restriction - Wakool River, Cunninyeuk - Gee Gee Bridge - demolition17 February 2020 until conditions abateSO2048Port
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