Bermagui coastal bar webcam

Live webcam vision and weather updates to help you prepare for a safe boat trip across the Bermagui coastal bar.

About Bermagui coastal bar

The South Coast holiday resort town of Bermagui, on the estuary of the Bermagui River, is nestled around a safe all-weather harbour 20km from the continental shelf. Just 378km from Sydney and with a population of more than 1100, Bermagui (latitude 36.25 and longitude 150.05) is famed for its deep-sea fishing, festivals, watersports and bushwalking.

In the boat harbour, the tides are 45 minutes later than Sydney Harbour, with the shallowest water under the lee of the river’s headland, allowing entry in deteriorating conditions.

Plan ahead

When planning a bar crossing or going offshore, carefully consider the suitability of your vessel to handle the conditions.

Understand how to safely cross coastal bars.

Live webcam

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