Maritime survey and spatial information

On this page you’ll find information related to Maritime Land and Hydrographic Surveys and Maritime Spatial Information, including Boating Maps.

Hydrographic Surveys

Surveyors from and on behalf of Transport for NSW carry out hydrographic surveys of navigable waters including inland waterways, coastal rivers and entrance bars to support safe navigation, environmental monitoring and dredging works. Go to these planson the hydrographic plans page.

Mean High Water Mark, Fort Denison, Sydney Harbour

In NSW, the legal boundary between natural foreshores and tidal waters is commonly mean high water mark (MHWM). For any development on the foreshore of one of NSW’s waterways, the boundary needs to be determined. The location of boundaries helps to understand the extent of the property and what development is permitted. For further information, view the fact sheet.

Map of waterways vested in Transport for NSW

The bed of Sydney Harbour, Botany Bay, Newcastle Harbour and Port Kembla Harbour is publicly-owned land. This land is vested in Transport for NSW which manages it for the benefit of the people of NSW.

For an approximate overview of the extent of the waterways vested in Transport for NSW, view the maps. Registered land surveyors completing surveys adjoining or defining the boundaries of these waterways should request a copy of Transport for NSW maritime survey and spatial information records by emailing

Boating Maps

To access boating maps across the state,view the boating maps page.

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