Hull Identification Number and Boatcode

The Hull Identification Number (HIN) system (also called Boatcode) provides a unique numbering system that makes it easy to identify each vessel.

Boatcode provides:

A HIN/Boatcode is compulsory:

  • On new vessels before initial registration
  • On transfer of registration, where the vessel has not previously been affixed with a HIN
  • For second-hand vessels being registered for the first time.

Exemption from HIN/Boatcode requirements:

  • Any commercial vessel or a regulated Australian vessel
  • A vessel regulated under the Navigation Act 2012 of the Commonwealth
  • A vessel being registered to a beneficiary of a will, or to the estate of the late owner or within a family following the death of the registered controller - this being and including spouse, legal de facto and children
  • An expired registration when there is no change of ownership and renewal fee is paid
  • White water rafts
  • Dumb barges and lighters where an engine is not attached
  • Hire and Drive vessels except high powered and PWC
  • Vessels in chains (vehicular ferries).

Boatcode agents throughout NSW can validate existing HINs, and affix HINs to vessels. Find a Boatcoat agent in NSW.

Boatcode fees

(effective 1 April 2021)

Note: These fees are payable to Boatcode Agents

Type Amount
Affix new HIN $92 (incl GST)
HIN verification $92 (incl GST)
New Agent Establishment Fee $1,314
HIN Plates - set of 20 $154
HIN Certificates - pad of 50 $34
Transfer of Boatcode Agency $345

Additional fees may be charged for travel time and expenses. These fees should be arranged with the Boatcode Agent before the service is provided. If you believe that you may have been overcharged, please contact the Maritime Info Line on 13 12 36, 8:30am to 4:30pm, seven days a week.

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