Lodgement of planning applications

e-lodgement platform

The Transport for NSW (TfNSW) e-lodgement platform is for the lodgement of the following applications:

  • Permission to Lodge (PTL)
  • Corporate Maritime Planning Applications (CMPA)
  • Review of Environmental Factors

NSW Planning Portal

The NSW Planning Portal must be used to submit:

  • Development Applications
  • Section 4.55 and Section 4.56 Modification Applications
  • Subdivision Certificate Applications.

Prior to submitting your application please review the TfNSW Development Application and Modification Checklist (DA Checklist) or Subdivision Certificate Application Checklist (SCA Checklist).

TfNSW will review your application following submission.

When your application is ready for lodgement we will contact you via email to request application payment.

Your application will only be lodged once payment is received. TfNSW accepts application payment using credit card only. All payments made must be made online using the link provided in the fee payment request emailed to you.

Principal Certifying Authorities

Private Certifiers must pay and register the following certificates in the NSW Planning Portal:

• Construction Certificate
• Occupation Certificate
• Complying Development Certificate.

NSW Planning Portal Service Fees

A Planning Portal service fee now applies to certain planning applications, certificates and registrations. Further information regarding this service fee, the payment process and fee schedule can be found on the NSW Planning Portal webpage.

NSW Planning Portal Applicant Resources

Please see 'Applicant Resources' for further information on using the NSW Planning Portal.

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