Construction certification

Anyone undertaking building work on Sydney Harbour is responsible for obtaining certification to show the work complies with relevant legislation and other standards. This process ensures development is safe and meets industry standards.

Most marine structures on the harbour will require a Construction Certificate prior to work commencing. Previously known as a Building Application, a Construction Certificate certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications for the development are consistent with the development consent and comply with the Building Code of Australia.

If work requires a certificate, a Principal Certifying Authority must also be appointed before work commences. The Principal Certifying Authority will inspect building works during their construction to allow them to issue an Occupation Certificate.

An accredited certifier can be engaged to issue the Construction Certficate and/or act as the Principal Certifying Authority.

Accredited certifiers are recognised by the Building Professionals Board and carry a certificate of accreditation. In order to certify marine structures, generally an A1 or A2 category of accreditation is required. For further information on accredited certifiers or how to find an accredited certifier please contact the Building Professionals Board.

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