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We are extending the working hours to include Saturday 8am to 5pm, previous working hours were Saturday 8am to 1pm. We are increasing the our out of hours construction work to shorten the overall duration of the program.

View or download the Mooring Jetty Construction Hours Addendum REF.

We will be extending the project work hours on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. Our previous work hours were 8am to 1pm. This will allow us to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, shipping delays and adverse weather conditions. These extended hours will allow us to carry out our work safer and efficiently, while keeping the project timeline on track. 

Please refer to the Addendum Review of Environmental Factors document for further information on the extended work hours.

Our early enablement work is currently underway to support an efficient and on-time project delivery. You will begin to notice some construction activity around Snug Cove. This will include the arrival of prefabricated materials, land and marine site establishment and the mobilisation of our contractor on site.

Find out more about our January 2022 Project update.

Work will begin in November to construct the new fixed panel wave attenuator. Our team will be on-site in November to set-up the site with major works starting in early 2022. See below for more information on the staging of the work.

Find out more in our October 2021 Project Update.

Community notifications

Due to the nature of working in a busy commercial port, we will be required to work outside of standard construction hours for up to four nights between Friday 11 February to Friday 18 February 2022, weather permitting, to allow us to carry out these work activities more safely and efficiently.

Our team will be on site on Wednesday 26 January 2022 between 8am and 6pm.

Some swing mooring sites in Snug Cove are currently being relocated to allow for the wave attenuator. Transport for NSW has discussed the relocation with the affected vessel owners.

The ‘Marine Facility’ west of the Mooring Jetty (carpark and boat ramp), will be closed from Monday 1 November 2021 until the project is complete. When construction of the wave attenuator is complete, the carpark and boat ramp will re-open. 

Urgent requests for use of the boat ramp will be considered until Monday November 22 2021. For the safety of staff and the community, please contact the project team if you require access to the boat ramp during this time.

Construction work packages

A virtual industry briefing was held on Tuesday 26 October 2021 for local construction contractors. The briefing discussed work packages required to deliver safety improvements to Snug Cove, Eden. Download the form to register your interest as a contractor. For more information contact

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