Private mooring licence changes and cancellations

To change your details or the vessel on your private mooring licence – or to relocate, transfer or cancel the licence – here's how.

Change of vessel

If you plan to change the vessel licensed to your mooring, you must contact Transport for NSW. Phone 13 12 36 (option 2) to discuss your plans, as we may need to re-assess space requirements.

Once you buy a suitable replacement vessel, you must complete an Application to Change Vessel on Mooring (and include a recent photograph of the vessel that you intend to attach to the mooring) then pay the appropriate fee.

Transferring a private mooring licence

The transfer of your private mooring licence is subject to conditions and approval by Transport. 

Non priority wait list area

Your private mooring licence can only be transferred in a non priority wait list area, as long as:

  • the vessel currently licensed to the mooring site has changed ownership and
  • the vessel has been registered into the name of the person seeking the transfer.

Priority wait list area

A private mooring licence is not transferable, except when the licence holder is deceased and the licence is transferred to:

  • a legal or defacto spouse on a once only basis, without restriction. The spouse must be the beneficiary of the will in respect of the private mooring licence and the vessel of a deceased licence holder. The spouse must be at least the equal majority shareholder of the vessel.
  • to the beneficiary, other than the legal or defacto spouse of a deceased licence holder. A maximum period of 12 months applies if the vessel is retained by the beneficiary.

How to transfer

If you meet the conditions above, complete an Application for Transfer of Private Mooring Licence. You can submit it by post, email or in person at a service centre, along with the appropriate fee.


If you wish to relocate your mooring site within the same designated mooring area, you’ll need to lodge an Application for Relocation of Private Mooring within the same Mooring Area code.

The application will only be processed once your preferred site becomes available. A fee applies and is payable at the time the mooring is relocated. Note, there is no guarantee as to if, or when, relocation may occur.

If your application is approved, the cost involved to re-position the mooring apparatus will be your responsibility.


If you wish to cancel your private mooring licence, complete the Request for Refund form. You can submit it at any service centre or post it to the address on the form. Once we receive your application, we will respond and request that your vessel and mooring apparatus be removed within 7 days.

Refunds will apply from the date we receive your Request for Refund form or the date vessel and mooring apparatus is removed from the water, whichever is later. Your refund will not be processed until Transport has confirmed the vessel and mooring apparatus have been removed.

Change of address

You must advise us immediately if your address and/or contact details change. Fill out an Adjustment of Records form and submit it at any service centre or post, email or fax it using our contact details on the form.

Having your correct details means we can contact you if there's a problem with your vessel or mooring and know where to send correspondence.

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