Trial of the Hybrid Environmentally Friendly Moorings at Shoal Bay

Example of a vessel moored on a HEFM

NSW Maritime is trialling a new type of mooring apparatus to protect sensitive seagrass communities while keeping boaters safe at one of their favourite destinations in Shoal Bay.

Four Hybrid Environmentally Friendly Moorings (HEFMs) have been installed at prime locations around Shoal Bay. These moorings use a 4.5t concrete gravity-weight to anchor the MarineFlex elasticated rode system.

Unlike conventional moorings which use a heavy chain rode to absorb dynamic loads when the mooring is in use, the MarineFlex system is positively buoyant and does not impact seagrass around the anchor. The use of gravity-weight anchors ensures that these moorings can be easily maintained for boaters’ continued safety.

We value your feedback. Please tell us about your experience using these moorings and feel free to share your thoughts on the importance of seagrass protection in Port Stephens. Leave your feedback by visiting the feedback webpage.

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