Digital boat licence and vessel registration

Boat driving licences and vessel registration is now available in digital form on an updated version of the Service NSW app. To access digital licences and vessel registration, boaters simply need to download the Service NSW app and link Maritime Services to their MyService NSW account.

Additional information

  • A digital licence can be used in the same way a physical licence currently is
  • digital licences are available on an opt in basis; customers can choose to get their licence as a physical card or in both forms
  • there are no changes to the process of applying for a licence
  • once a licence is granted, it can be accessed immediately via the app.

Important Information

The Boat Driving Licence has two classes: General (GBL) and Personal Watercraft Licence (PWC). The digital licence of the PWC class will have not have a photo included for this release and therefore will not be valid when operating a PWC at any speed.

So when driving a PWC the operator must carry their physical PWC licence at all times. When operating a powered vessel above 10 knots however, a PWC class digital boat driving licence will be accepted as a valid form of licence.

A boat driving licence-class PWC cannot be renewed online or via the app.

A licence holder with a combined licence (boat and a driver licence) can view their Boat Driving Licence as a digital licence. Until the driver licence is available digitally (planned for release in 2019), these users will not be able to renew their Boat Driving Licence online.

While users who choose to carry only a digital licence must ensure their device remains charged and accessible, digital licences can be accessed on another smartphone or tablet by securely signing into the Service NSW app when in mobile reception.

For more information, visit the Service NSW website.

Behind the scenes footage of digital licence testing

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