Combined licences - frequently asked questions


  • From 1 December 2014, customers who hold an unrestricted NSW driver licence and a NSW adult boat or personal watercraft licence, have the opportunity of combining their licences onto one card at the time of their driver licence renewal.

    See Combined licences for more information.

  • You can only opt into a combined licence at the time you are renewing your NSW driver licence. Driver licences may be renewed up to 6 months prior to the expiry date of the licence.

    Combined Licences are only issued at service centres and registries that conduct maritime business.

  • No.  At this stage of the combined licence roll out you can only opt in to a combined licence when your driver licence is due for renewal.

  • To obtain a combined licence, you must pay the renewal fee for your driver licence and the pro rata licence fee due on your boat licence to align the expiry date. The registry or service centre will calculate the pro rata amount due on the boat licence. If the boat licence has expired, the boat or PWC driving licence fee will be charged.

    The Fair go for safe drivers scheme that provides for a 50 percent discount on the driver licence fee will still be available to eligible drivers.

    There is no additional fee for a combined licence.

  • The combined licence is a NSW driver licence with a reference to the boat licence on the reverse side of the card.
  • No, you can only combine your NSW boat licence with your NSW driver licence. This new product combines the licence cards only. Your Photo Card is not a licence.
  • If the names or dates of birth that appear on your driver and boat licences do not match, you must provide acceptable proof of identity and complete the appropriate adjustment of records form to change your details.

    If any of your personal details change, you should inform Roads and Maritime Services as soon as possible, so that both licence records and your combined licence card are up to date. For information see Changing your personal details.
  • The addresses that appear on your driver and boat licences do not have to match for you to be eligible for a combined licence. However, the combined licence renewal notice will be sent to the residential or mailing address recorded on your NSW driver licence record.

    As the driver and boat licences remain separate and there is no change to the way a driver or boat licence is obtained or maintained, if you hold a combined licence and wish to change your address on either or both licences, you will need to follow the normal change of address process for each licence.

  • Yes. You will need to attend a service centre or registries that conduct maritime business and opt out of the combined licence. You will be issued with a separate boat licence and driver licence (to the expiry date of the combined licence) at no fee.
  • If one of your licences is suspended or cancelled because of enforcement action, you will need to attend a service centre or registries that conduct maritime business to opt out of your combined licence and be issued with a replacement of the licence not affected by the enforcement action. The replacement licence will be issued at no fee.

    Suspended or cancelled licences will not be reprinted.

  • If you lose or misplace your card you can apply for a replacement licence at a service centre, registry or online.
  • No, customers can only opt into a combined licence at service centres or selected registries that conduct maritime business.
  • To serve customers faster, Roads and Maritime Services and Service NSW are introducing a change to the printing of all photo cards. Now when you renew a licence, you will receive an interim licence receipt and your licence will be sent to you in the mail, generally within 5 working days.

    See Centralised photocard printing for further information.

  • If you renewed your driver licence and opted into a combined licence around the time that your boat licence is due for renewal, you may still receive a boat or PWC licence renewal notice in the mail. Check the back of your combined licence to confirm that boat licence details appear and then you can ignore the boat/PWC renewal notice.

    If you have just opted into a combined licence at a service centre, the card will be posted to you within 5-10 working days.

    • Combining driver and boat licence cards is part of Roads and Maritime’s commitment to “reducing red tape” and streamlining licensing procedures.
    • You will need to carry only one licence for boating and driving and the combined licence will have the same security features (including photograph) as the driver licence.
  • Combined licences cannot currently be renewed online. You will need to renew your licence in person to have your photograph taken, complete an eyesight test (if required) and provide a satisfactory medical report (if required).
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