Clean Safe Wharf initiative

Transport for NSW launched the 'Clean, Safe Wharves' initiative in June 2010.

This is the first time we've had a coordinated, consistent approach to cleaning of all public commuter wharves on Sydney Harbour.

The initiative came from discussions with local residents, councils, fishing groups, NSW Police and Sydney Ferries looking at anti-social behaviour and fishing debris on some wharves.

It includes the ability to immediately attend wharf cleanups anywhere in the harbour.

There have been a number of problems, such as waste and litter at Abbotsford, Cabarita, Chiswick and Kissing Point wharves. Fishing from Cabarita is now banned. Fishing on the other wharves is now prohibited from 5am to 10am each day, allowing the wharves to be cleaned before commuters arrive and avoiding a situation where people fishing and passengers are competing for the same space.

This initiative aims to find a balance for everyone. While fishing will be restricted in some key locations, it will still be allowed on most commuter wharves as it's an activity enjoyed by many people. However this practice will only continue to be provided should anglers fish safely and responsibly.

Further information

On wharves where fishing is permitted, signs promoting safe and responsible fishing have been installed to give anglers the opportunity to continue to enjoy this activity.

People acting contrary to the signs prohibiting fishing face penalties of $250, or $1500 if the matter goes to court.

Police and Transport for NSW Boating Safety Officers have the power to enforce the ban.

The 24-hour prohibition continues on fishing on commuter wharves at Circular Quay and Taronga Zoo wharves.

Further information is available on the Sydney commuter wharf upgrade program page, by calling 13 12 56 or via email

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