Aquatic biosecurity

Introduced pests and disease pose environmental, social and economic threats by impacting the natural balance of aquatic flora or fauna.

The marine alga, Caulerpa taxifolia, has been found in several estuaries along the South and Central Coasts of NSW and has the potentialto outcompete native seagrass.

You may be carrying marine pests on your boat and may be unknowingly spreading them to your favourite locations.  Cleaning your boat and gear will help stop the spread of marine pests. It will also reduce your fuel costs and increase the life of your boat.

If you suspect a new incursion of an aquatic pest or disease, please contact the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Aquatic Biodiversity Unit Pest Hotline on (02) 4916 3877 or email a report with location details and photographs to

Further information on aquatic pests and diseases to look out for is available on the DPI website.

Where you can expect to find pests on your boat

  • Anchor and well anchor
  • Deck fittings
  • Hull surface
  • Sonar tubes/echosounder booths and transducers
  • Water inlets/outlets
  • Burley bucket
  • Propeller
  • Trailer.
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