Charter Wharf Booking System

Transport for NSW is responsible for administering the Wharf Booking System. The Wharf Booking System is designed to provide Commercial Vessel Operators a right of access to Charter Wharves in Sydney Harbour.

Principles of wharf access

When developing the wharf booking system, primary consideration has been given to the following principles:

  • Passenger and vessel safety
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Equity of access for all commercial operators
  • Passenger convenience
  • Maximum utilisation of wharves.

The Transport for NSW Charter Wharves are:

  • Campbells Cove Pontoon
  • Casino Wharf
  • Commissioners Steps
  • Eastern Pontoon
  • Eastern Pontoon North
  • Eastern Pontoon South
  • Harbour Masters Steps
  • Ives Steps
  • King Street Wharves 6-9
  • Man-O-War Steps - East Jetty
  • Man-O-War Steps - North Jetty (aka Man O'War West)
  • Manly Hotel Wharf (aka Fun Pier / Timber Wharf)
  • Pier 26, Wharf 3
  • Towns Place East
  • Towns Place West
  • Walsh Bay, Wharf 2 Pontoon
  • Any other wharf deemed appropriate by Transport for NSW provided it is either owned by Transport for NSW or the subject of a lease agreement or management arrangement with Transport for NSW.

View a map of wharves in Sydney Harbour.

Types of bookings

There are two types of bookings available to commercial vessel operators:

  • Bulk bookings
  • Ad-hoc bookings

Bulk bookings

Transport for NSW defines a 'bulk booking' as a recurring booking that occurs at the same time on the same day for a continuous period of six months within a bulk booking period.

Bulk booking periods are six monthly blocks, in line with the boating high and low seasons.

These periods are as follows:

  • 1 April - 30 September
  • 1 October - 31 March
  • Approved whale watching: 1 June - 30 November

Bulk booking requests must be submitted on the Bulk Booking Application form and are due six months before the beginning of the relevant bulk booking period.

(Nominations received after the due date may be given lower priority).

See the terms and conditions for detailed information.

Ad-hoc bookings

Ad-hoc, or one-off bookings may be made by commercial vessel operators on a casual basis, using the online Charter Wharf Booking System, or in writing.

Charter Wharf timeslots become available for ad-hoc booking on the Charter Wharf Booking System 4 months in advance, at all wharves except Casino wharf. The 15 minute timeslots become available in a 24 hour block at 10am every day.

For example, for New Years Eve bookings:

  • all timeslots from 10:00am 31 December - 9:45am, 1 January (inclusive) become available for booking at 10am on the previous 31 August.

Prepaid credit

Commercial vessel operators can create an account, and place prepaid credit on that account by way of cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS or credit card payment, at least one day prior to making bookings.

Registering for access to the online system

To register to use the Wharf Booking System, you need to complete the Wharf Booking System application form and forward it to Transport for NSW.

The user name(s) you provide will be added to our Wharf Booking System, and each user will receive an email with a link prompting them to set up a password. The link expires 48 hours after the email is sent. Once you have set up your password, you will be able to log on to the Wharf Booking System and make your own bookings online.

Your application form must also include information regarding your vessel:

  • Vessel name
  • Type
  • Length
  • Registration/survey number
  • Survey level
  • Vessel passenger capacity.

Making an ad-hoc booking in writing

If you are unable to access the internet to make a booking online, you can submit a written request in person, by posting it or faxing it to Transport for NSW, or by emailing it to

Unless your account is in credit your request must include your credit card details. Once the transaction has been processed your credit card details will be destroyed.

Confirmation of the booking and receipt details will be emailed to you.


Refer to the fees section for further information.

Emergency drop off – wharf booking procedure

Use this procedure if you need to drop passengers at a wharf without a booking in an emergency situation:

  1. Contact Harbour Control on channel 13 to advise of emergency and seek medical or police assistance as required
  2. Record personal details and other relevant information of person(s) required to disembark
  3. Berth vessel and disembark passenger(s). Otherwise wait for instructions from ambulance officers or police if applicable
  4. Email with details of the incident, within 24 hours.

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