Wharf access changes

This page will provide details of wharves that have temporary restricted access. Dates may be subject to change for maintenance work. We will update information as soon as it is available to keep the details current and accurate. Emergency work may not be listed on this page due to the requirement for immediate action.

Wharf name Changed access details/work description Dates to note*
Barangaroo Tactile indicator replacement, One side of a pontoon to be closed at a time.
  • Pontoon 1, planned completion October 2019;
  • Pontoon 2, planned completion November 2019;
Circular Quay Wharf 6 Pontoon aperture cradles to be removed one at a time to be refurbished off site. Work will be undertaken early morning to reduce impact on vessel operations. Work are underway and are expected to be completed in early October
Circular Quay Wharves 2, 4 and 5 Routine substructure works to be undertaken. Ferry crib spaces will be closed. Works are to be undertaken from October 2019 through to December 2019. Closure details have been forwarded to affected operators.
Circular Quay Wharves 3 and 6 Routine substructure works to be undertaken. Ferry crib spaces will be closed. Works are to be undertaken from approximately April 2020 through to June 2020. Closure details will be forwarded to affected operators.
Huntleys Point Old (eastern side)

Eastern timber wharf will be closed for substructure repairs.

Charter vessels will be able to use the eastern ferry wharf during the disruption.

Works are tentatively planned for February 2020.
Kirribilli wharf

The hydraulic cylinders will be swapped over as part of general maintenance. The fender piles and internal public areas will also be refurbished.

The wharf will be closed for a week to keep the public safe.

The wharf is closed on from 23 September and reopens on Saturday 6 October
Man-O-War North The northern pontoon and associated piles and ramp will be refurbished.

The northern pontoon will be closed in July/August/October. The pontoon to be reinstated from the first week of October.

The eastern pontoon will be available during this time.

Manly Ferry Wharf Internal areas of the wharf are being recoated in a stages approach so as to have minimal effect on ferry services. Works to start after the September/October school holidays.
Taronga Zoo Replacement of pontoon edge non slip surface. One berthing face to be closed at a time. Works to start 23 October and a pontoon side will be closed for up to 2 weeks.

*Dates are subject to change.

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