Changing your address online

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Moving can sometimes be a pain in the neck, but changing your address doesn't have to be.

Sorting through all your stuff to decide what’s worth taking and what should be tossed can chew up a lot of time. On the upside, it can also unearth some gems you thought you’d lost or totally forgotten you had!

The physical job of moving – packing, shifting and unpacking a load of boxes, not to mention dismantling and reconstructing furniture – can be a big production.

Then once it’s done, there’s still the job of letting people know your new address. Family and friends can be taken care of with a single group email. But there are the companies we deal with like banks, phone and internet providers that can take up most of your time.

The one that’s often forgotten is Roads and Maritime Services, simply because the car rego and licence renewals don’t come every month like phone bills and bank statements (thank goodness!).

But it’s really important you let Roads and Maritime know your new address, so that when your rego and licence renewals do come up, they’re sent to the right address. Plus, you’ll need your new address on your licence to sign up to the local video rental place!

Change your address online

You don’t need to get yourself to a registry to change your address – you can do it online in a matter of minutes. Simply go to the change of address page at Service NSW, and follow the instructions. You’ll need to have your driver licence handy.

Roads and Maritime will send some address labels to you in the post to stick on your licence. That’s all there is to it!