Renewing your licence

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Life can often become busy catching up with friends, doing assignments, plus everything else that keeps you on the go.

Changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme from 20 November 2017

Changes apply to the testing you need to progress through the licensing stages. In addition, P2 drivers who get suspended for unsafe driving will end up adding an extra 6 months to the time they need to spend on their P2 licence. Find out more.

If you’re on your learner licence, all these other commitments can sometimes make clocking up the hours in your log book a difficult task to fit in. Don’t worry, if your Ls or even Ps happen to expire, you’ll be happy to know they can easily be renewed.


If your learner licence has expired, to renew it you’ll have to pass the Driver Knowledge Test again as well as doing the eyesight test and paying the normal learner licence fee. Any hours that have been recorded prior to the expiry date will still be recognised, so you won’t need to start again.

. But if you passed the Hazard Perception Test more than 15 months ago, you will need to refresh your skills by passing the test again before getting ready for the driving test.

For motorcyclists, the story is similar. You’ll have to go through the same process as you did when you first got your learner licence including rider training (if you live in an area covered by the Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme).

P platers

There isn’t a maximum time period for a driver to move through the licensing scheme. In other words, Provisional drivers can progress through the system at their own pace.

If your P1 or P2 licence is due to expire before you’ve moved to the next step in the system, then you can simply renew your licence. Roads and Maritime Services will send you a renewal notice with all the info you need.

Basically, you’ll need to fill in the renewal form and head down to a registry or service centre with your licence and some money to pay for a new licence.