Introduction of 10-year driver licence and 10-year NSW Photo Card

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From 16 March 2015, holders of an unrestricted C and/or R class licence, aged 21 to 44 years are eligible for a 10-year driver licence.

From 16 March 2015, eligible customers aged 21 and over may apply for a 10-year NSW Photo Card.

If you have no relevant driving offences in the five years leading up to your licence renewal you will receive a 50 per cent safe driver discount. If you are eligible for the discount you will be advised at the time of renewal.

Lower fees may apply for driver licence holders. Please go the Roads and Maritime website NSW Photo Cards.

The introduction of 10-year driver licences and 10-year Photo Cards will result in time and cost savings for customers.
Costs associated with the licence are available on our fees page.