Dangerous foods

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Of all the hazardous food out there, the research showed that the most hazardous edible substance was coffee.

It might seem a lot easier to stop off at a drive-through grab a burger and be back on the road in no time, but eating a sloppy burger when you’re driving might be putting more than your car’s upholstery at risk.

An American insurance company investigated the hazards of eating and driving after reviewing an insurance claim where a driver had received a restraining order against having anything edible within his reach when in a vehicle.

The driver apparently had suffered numerous food related accidents, prompting Hagerty Classic Insurance to research which foods are the most hazardous when driving.

They discovered that the messier the food, the bigger the distraction. Take a look at some of the problem foods below:

  • Chocolate

    This can often melt quite quickly leading you to want to dig around your car for a wipe, taking your focus off the road.

  • Fried chicken

    Trying to hold the steering wheel with those greasy hands can become a bit of a challenge, especially when you’re trying not to get it on the actual steering wheel.

  • Fizzy drinks

    It’s happened before and can happen again, opening up the lid of a bottle top ready to take that refreshing sip and suddenly you realise its been shaken up and the fizz is everywhere, up your nostrils, in your hair and on your lap.

  • Burgers

    A good old fashioned cheap burger could well and truly turn into a $500 insurance claim. You’re best off taking a 10 minute break to enjoy it. That way you’ll avoid a dry cleaning bill to get the beetroot stain out of your pants.

  • Filled donuts

    Yes they’re good, but not that good when the jam down your front gets more attention than the road ahead of you.

  • Barbecued food

    Barbecue sauce may be delicious, but drivers should remember that "if it can drip, don't eat it while you drive."

  • Hot soup

    Even though these days hot soup can come in a take away cup, it’s still hot and can easily burn your mouth, sending you into a frenzy to find a cold drink.

  • Coffee

    Of all the hazardous food out there, the research showed that the most hazardous edible substance was coffee. Coffee spills were considered the worst because drivers try to make instant clean-ups while still driving. Hot coffee can also cause serious burns which obviously isn’t good for your concentration!