Safer Drivers Course

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If you're on your Ls and keen to learn more about safer driving behaviours then the Safer Drivers Course is for you.

The Course will help you understand more about speed management, gap selection, hazard awareness, safe following distances and prepare you for when you drive unsupervised on your Ps.

You will also receive 20 hours of log book credit when you complete the Course.

To be able to attend a Course you must be on your Ls, completed 50 log book driving hours and be under 25.

This is 50 actual hours of on-road driving and does not include the hours accrued through (3 for 1) structured professional instruction.

Gaining credits on log book hours explained

With all the different ways you can make up log book hour credits, it is not hard to get information overload.

Before you can take a Driving Test, you need to record 120 log book hours. Here’s a break down on the different ways you can earn credits towards your 120 log book hours:

  • You can get extra credit for driving lessons with a professional instructor. For every hour of professional driving lessons you do, you’ll receive a bonus two hours credit. So a one-hour lesson counts for a total of three hours credit in your log book. This is capped at a total of 10 private lesson hours (30 log book hour credits).
  • Doing the Safer Drivers Course can get you extra credit too. When you’ve completed 50 log book hours, you can choose to complete the Safer Drivers Course – this will give you 20 log book hour credits. This course has been designed for a learner to attend only once, so the 20 hours of bonus log book credit is a one-time only thing.

What the Safer Drivers Course involves

The Safer Drivers Course involves two modules:

  1. A three-hour group discussion with other L platers for you to learn how to manage risks on the road.
  2. A two-hour in-vehicle coaching session with a coach and another learner so you can learn a range of practical safe driving behaviours.

You don’t have to do both of these sessions in one day, however you should try to complete both sessions within one month.

How to book a Safer Drivers Course

Simply view the Safer Drivers Course Providers list and contact the Provider directly.

Or you can call 13 2213 to find your closest Course Provider location and contact details.

The Course costs $140 and is paid directly to the Course Provider, not Roads and Maritime Services.

On the day

All Course materials will be supplied at the Course and the vehicle will be supplied for the in-vehicle coaching session. Just make sure you turn up with your licence and your log book!

Safer Drivers Course Video

Check out other learner drivers who have attended the Safer Driver Course, and how it has had a positive influence on their learning to drive experience by watching the Centre for Road Safety's Safer Driver Course video.

Free course for disadvantaged learner drivers

The NSW Government is offering 1000 free places on the Safer Drivers Course each year to help young learner drivers from disadvantaged backgrounds and Aboriginal communities. The fee exemption allows those who are financially disadvantaged to benefit from the road safety outcomes of the Safer Drivers Course.

To be eligible for a free place you need to:

  • Hold a valid learner licence
  • Be aged under 25 years
  • Have completed a minimum of 50 log book hours
  • Hold a current Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Human Services – Centrelink.

To apply for a free place you need to contact a course provider to enrol in a course and complete the Safer Drivers Course Concession Application form. You also need to provide a copy of your Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card to your course provider.

Visit the Roads and Maritime website to find a Safer Drivers Course provider and speak to them about your free placement.