Be a traffic clairvoyant

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Isn't it the way, stuck in slow moving traffic because of a crash or a big event everyone (but you) seems to be driving to.

If only there was some kind of crystal ball to tell you this was happening so you’d have known ahead of time to go a different way. Well there kinda is.....

The Live Traffic website might not be an actual crystal ball but it’s the closest thing to traffic clairvoyance you can get. It’ll tell you what’s happening on the roads right now so you can see if the trip you want to take is all good or if it’d be better to go a different way this time. Check it out now.

You can use the Live Traffic website to search where you want to go. Simply type in the to and from points and view the route plotted out on a map. Tick the Traffic flow box to see what it’s like right now. Heavy traffic will be shown on the map in red, medium traffic in orange and light traffic in green.

If there’s a whole lot of red along the route you want to go, it means there’s slow moving traffic. You can tick the Incidents box to see if there’s something like a crash that might be causing the issue. Incidents are shown on the map as exclamation points.

If your route is glowing red or has exclamation points all over it, you probably want to think about driving a different way, catching a train or killing a bit of time where you are before hitting the road.

If on the other hand, your route is green and free of exclamation points, it means traffic is flowing normally and you should be good to go.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s even more helpful stuff on the Live Traffic website:

You can see the actual traffic, streamed through cameras located around the Sydney network (including on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Eastern Distributor, Parramatta Road and General Holmes Drive) View the cameras and watch the cars.

Got an iPhone? Download the Live Traffic app and get instant updates from the palm of your hand.