Car air fresheners

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A trip to the auto accessories aisle can show rows and rows of different air fresheners for your car.

You can choose all sorts of shapes and characters that hang from the rear view mirror (but both Roads and Maritime Services and your Mum will tell you not to get one of these because the swinging and dangling can be distracting – and let’s face it, just plain annoying).

There are also all sorts of things that clip into your air vents, that won’t distract you (like the kind hanging from the rear-view mirror and release their scent naturally into the air).

The same goes for the auto plug-in fresheners that go in your power charger. Or you could go the aerosol option to spritz around the interior the day after the kebab was in the car.

If that wasn’t enough to overwhelm you with choices, you’ve still got to pick a scent. This is something you should choose carefully – you don’t want your beloved little car smelling like urinal cakes when you wanted ‘zesty lemon’!

The most common scents seem to be based on nature (pine, lavender and ocean breeze), fruit (apple, berries, cherry) or other presumably pleasant smells (vanilla, potpourri, freshly washed laundry).