Road occupancy licences

A Road Occupancy Licence is required for any activity likely to impact on traffic flow, even if that activity takes place off-road.

Examples of road occupancies include:

  • Road maintenance such as resurfacing, or line marking
  • Lane closures around a building site (as a hazard reduction) or to get cranes or other equipment in and out
  • Filming activities possibly involving lane and/or road closures. Filming may also be considered a special event
  • Filming from an adjacent vehicle
  • Grass cutting along median strip possibly requiring the road shoulder or a lane to be closed

Read the Road Occupancy Manual for detailed information about licences and what you need to do to apply.

The planning, coordination and licensing of road occupancies in the Sydney region is the responsibility of the Road Occupancy Unit at the Transport Management Centre. For regions outside Sydney, Roads and Maritime Services manages the process. Contact details for these offices.

Applying for a Road Occupany Licence - OPLINC online system

Transport for NSW has an online system, OPLINC, for registered users to apply for Road Occupancy Licences.

Recommended browser

The browser recommended for OPLINC is the latest version of Google Chrome. You can try other browsers but if you find you are having problems we recommend you download Chrome.

Planned OPLINC System Outage postponed

As you are aware, on the 14 October 2021 we informed you about our planned system outage for Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) application submissions in the OPLINC system.

The planned outage has been postponed and will no longer be taking place between Tuesday 2 November 2021 to Tuesday 9 November 2021 and the OPLINC system will be available to use as per usual.

As mentioned, this outage was in preparation to implement the new road occupancy application and shift management portal.

At TfNSW our goal is to provide our proponents/customers with Improved Network Efficiency.  Despite the postponed outage dates, our priority is to deliver improved outcomes for customers when using the ROL system.

We will continue to keep you informed of when the planned outage has been rescheduled.

Should you require any clarification, you can contact us  below:

  • Greater Sydney Network Access Coordination - For all Oplinc registrations and Greater Sydney ROL applications ( During business hours - (02) 8396 1513
  • Regional and Outer Metropolitan (ROM) - ROM ROL applications (
  • TMC Operational Coordination - Outside of standard business hours on 131 700.

Registration process

If your company/organisation's ACN/ABN is already registered

If you wish to register and you belong to a company/organisation whose Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Business Number (ABN) is already registered, you can:

  • Contact an OPLINC business representative in your organisation. Business representatives have authority to register other people within their organisation
  • If you cannot locate that person, please contact the Road Occupancy Unit:

The Road Occupancy Unit will register you, or give you the contact details of a business representative from your organisation so they can register you.

If your organisation/company is not registered

Go to OPLINC and click the Register button on the left hand navigation panel.

Choose the first or second option from the Registration Type dropdown as applicable:

  • Companies (Australian Company Number required)
  • Sole traders, Local Councils, Government Agencies (Australian Business Number required).

IMPORTANT: If your company/organisation's ACN/ABN is already registered, and a business representative or the Road Occupancy Unit is not available to register you immediately, do not register as an individual.

If you require assistance please contact the Road Occupancy Unit on 8396 1513 between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Individuals who do not have an ACN or ABN

Go to OPLINC and click the Register button on the left hand navigation panel.

Choose the third option from the Registration Type dropdown:

  • Individuals (Personally responsible)

Technical difficulties or problems registering with OPLINC

If you experience any technical difficulties or problems registering with OPLINC, please call 13 27 01 between 7am and 7pm.

Road Occupancy Manual

May 2015

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