Standards and Innovation

The Standards and Innovations team develops and manages the content of Transport standards and policy in relation to traffic management, facilitates innovation through research and trials in addition to providing specialist technical advice.

Standards and Technical Policy

The Standards and Technical Policy team are responsible for the production and management of technical policy, standard and guidelines relating to traffic and temporary works engineering standards including technical manuals, guidelines and directions in addition to the Transport supplements to national practice.

To ensure that traffic engineering management systems and documentation is contemporary, efficient and adapts to changes in technology and best practice, the Standards and Policy team work closely with Transport divisions, industry partners and national bodies including Standards Australia and Austroads.

For more information or access to traffic engineering standards and policy see Traffic engineering and management technical documents.

Innovations and Research

The Innovations and Research team are responsible for the investigation, research and evaluation of innovative technology to inform traffic and temporary works engineering processes.

Through partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders, the team works to identify trends and assess innovative and cost effective solutions to the risks associated with traffic management. This information is then integrated into relevant technical policy, standards and guidelines to ensure effective and consistent traffic management across Transport work sites thus enhancing the Transport reputation as technical leaders.

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