Traffic Control Training

As of 1 July 2020, the NSW Work Health and Safety legislation will require any person carrying out traffic control work must undertake appropriate traffic control training.

Traffic control work includes:

  • Traffic controller - direct traffic in accordance with a work zone traffic management plan
  • Implement traffic control plans - implement a work zone traffic management plan in the immediate vicinity of a workplace
  • Prepare a work zone traffic management plan - design (including vary) or inspect a work zone traffic management plan

Obtaining a Traffic Control Training Qualification

All training will be managed and regulated by SafeWork NSW. As such, all persons seeking to undertake training should refer to the SafeWork Traffic Controller Training website for information on:

  • Converting to a SafeWork training card;
  • Registered Training Organisations delivering the training; and
  • Frequently Asked Questions

More information

For more information regarding Traffic Control Training, please contact SafeWork NSW :

Alternatively, you may contact for information about how these changes apply to Transport.

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