Sydney Road Assets Performance Contracts

The current maintenance contracts are coming to an end in mid-2021.The customer is at the centre of everything we do. That is why our plans for the future of transport are underpinned by the outcomes our customers can expect. The residents and visitors to New South Wales are more mobile than ever and their lives more interconnected.

TfNSW has evolved to become more focused on delivering customer centred services across the state. Two new geographically based divisions have been created, one to serve customers in Greater Sydney and the other to serve customers in the Regional and Outer Metropolitan areas of New South Wales.

The vision for Greater Sydney as a metropolis of three cities will guide planning, investment and delivery of customer outcomes. The Greater Sydney Division within TfNSW has a clear purpose to redefine integrated transport to improve the lives of communities and make Greater Sydney a better place to live, work and play. This division manages state roads that connect people, places and goods that contribute to social and place making outcomes for local communities.

The dissolution of Transport for NSW has seen all of its former functions consolidated within the TfNSW cluster. The Sydney Road Assets Performance Contracts (SRAP Contracts) will be managed by the Greater Sydney Division within TfNSW.

TfNSW's intended outcomes for the SRAP Contracts are:

  • Customer Focus: enabling safe seamless journeys for people and goods;
  • Safety and Performance: every customer enjoys safe travel. Striving to continuously improve road worker safety and deliver network and contract efficiency;
  • Sustainability: economically and environmentally sustainable, aligning to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Successful Places: enhancing and maintaining the liveability, amenity and economic success of communities and places that the asset interfaces with; and
  • Innovation: working with industry to innovate in our provision of road and intelligent transport services.

TfNSW's objective for this procurement process is to select Service Providers with the capability to work with TfNSW to meet the outcomes described above and the ability to provide value for money in the delivery of the Services for a safe, efficient, reliable, diligent and cost-effective manner.

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*Note all information is correct at the time of presentation, for any clarification please follow the e-data room process.

An interview with Matt Sweeting

Watch this short interview with Matt Sweeting, previous Director of Project Implementation.


Sydney Road Assets Performance Contracts Industry Briefing

February 2020.




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