Delegations to Authorise Road Signs

When installing road signs on the NSW road network, practitioners need to consider the necessary authorisations required for the sign to be installed.

Some traffic signs are legally enforceable and some simply provide safety information for the road user. Signs which are legally enforceable under legislation and which carry a consequence to the driver for failure to abide by them are called “prescribed traffic control devices”. Essentially a “prescribed traffic control device” is something which gives effect to a Road Rule.

Prescribed traffic control devices can only be approved and installed by the relevant road authority where the road authority has been authorised or delegated by TfNSW to do so.

Traffic signs in the sign register can be placed in one of three categories.

  1. Signs which are “prescribed traffic control devices”, and which are delegated/authorised to council to install on the network they manage. However councils must be aware of the conditions of the delegation, and approval to install is also required by Traffic Committee or by written approval from TfNSW
  2. Signs which are “prescribed traffic control devices” but which ARE NOT delegated to councils. Signs such as speed zone signs can only be authorised by direct TfNSW written approval.


  1. Other signs such as warning or advisory signs - which are not prescribed control devices - and which the relevant road authority may install on their network without any other approval. These signs may be installed by a road authority without seeking traffic committee or written approval from TfNSW.

The necessary delegation or authority for each sign can be found on the sign details page, after searching a sign in the register.

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