Register of Materials


The Transport for NSW register of materials provides broad details for each submitted material together with information of the supplier.

Materials listed here as 'conforming' indicate that the submitted materials conform to the nominated Transport for NSW specification and may be used on Transport for NSW projects.

Materials listed as 'conforming' or 'conditional' require ongoing production testing in accordance with the relevant specification whenever used in Transport for NSW projects or purchased by Transport for NSW. However listing of your material in the materials mix register as 'conforming' or 'conditional' will alleviate some initial testing requirements.


One of the statuses will apply to each material registered as applicable:

  • CONFORMING: The submitted results satisfy the criteria in the specification.
  • PENDING: Material/Mix nomination has been processed but awaiting additional information or confirmation of data from the material supplier.
  • FAILED: Submission failed to meet the requirements in the specification.
  • CONDITIONAL: The project specific material/mix results satisfy most of the criteria in the specification. Conditions and/or limitations for use are listed on the register.
  • EXPIRED: Submission has expired past the valid too date. New submission required.

Material Types

The materials register is made available as a PDF file, together with links to more information and submission forms:

Material Registers

Submission Information


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