Traffic management

Traffic Management is the term used to describe the management of the existing road network and its users to maximise safety, efficiency and reliability. Roads and Maritime Services goal is to optimise road space allocation and traffic movement so that the best performance possible is achieved for all road users at all times.

Managing the road network in New South Wales is a complex task requiring consideration of many issues including:

  • Improving road safety.
  • Managing commuter, bus, freight and tourism movement.
  • Improving transport alternatives including bicycling, walking and travel demand management.
  • Congestion in major urban areas.
  • Delays caused by planned and unplanned incidents and special events.
  • Integration of land use developments into the road network. 

Councils have an important role in managing traffic movement and working with Roads and Maritime Services in dealing with these issues on its own Regional and Local roads. Roads and Maritime Services and local government can improve the safe and efficient movement through improvements in the design, construction of the road network and management of road users. Follow the traffic and transport technical guidelines link for Roads and Maritime Services publications for traffic management practitioners to assist in developing effective solutions to traffic management problems.
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