Local Government Road Safety Program

The NSW Road Safety Strategy 2012-2021 establishes the direction for road safety in NSW. Local government is identified as one of the key partners in the Strategy. By developing effective partnerships with Councils, locally based road safety initiatives can be delivered to their communities.

The Local Government Road Safety Program (LGRSP) is a partnership between Transport for NSW, Roads and Maritime Services and participating local Councils in NSW. The program provides up to 50 per cent funding contribution to the salary of a Road Safety Officer and funding for local road safety projects.

The LGRSP has been revised so the Safe Systems approach to road safety is used in the development of all local road safety projects submitted for funding.

Local councils have a key role in the Safe System. Councils provide local road infrastructure, they support local enforcement activities and provide the community with road safety messages and information. Councils can deliver projects addressing local road safety issues to their community across the whole of the safe system; influencing safer people, roads, vehicles and speeds.

The program is administered by Roads and Maritime Services regional road safety staff that assist road safety officers and local stakeholders to work together, to implement local road safety projects.

Projects funded under the program provide information and assistance on safe road use to all road users with road safety issues such as drink driving/riding, fatigue, inappropriate speeds and pedestrian safety being addressed.

For further information on the program, please contact your Roads and Maritime Services regional office.

Local Government Road Safety Program Guidelines

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