Works in the road reserve

In New South Wales any works in the road reserve require consent from the road authority before the works can commence.


Under Section 138 of the NSW Roads Act (1993), Roads and Maritime Services and Local Government are the road authorities and have the responsibility to review and consent to the proposed work.

To find out whether your proposed works are in the road reserve of a classified road, please review the Schedule of Classified Roads and Unclassified Regional Roads and the Classified Roads map.

For all unclassified roads and many classified roads Local Government is the consenting authority with Roads and Maritime giving concurrence or consent on classified roads.

Contact the Local Government office in the area to obtain consent for your work in the road reserve.

Contact the Roads and Maritime regional office in your area or request referral to Roads and Maritime from the Local Government office to obtain concurrence or consent for your works in the road reserve of a classified road.

Review the Roads and Maritime regional map for contact details and locations of the Roads and Maritime regional offices.

Application process

To facilitate prompt processing of your application please submit, as a minimum, the following information to your local government office and the Roads and Maritime office in your region.

1. Location of the works - include name of road and nearest cross street.
2. Nature of the works – include a detailed description of the proposed works and methods.
3. Work materials – include details of materials to be used during the construction.
4. Date of works – include proposed start and end dates of your works.
5. Contact Details – include a contact for the works if further details are required for assessment


  • Map and/or design – include legend and notes where required

As part of your work proposal please consider:

  • Overhead clearances
  • Clear zone width for non-frangible objects
  • Driveway – appropriate standard drawing
  • Restricted placement of utilities within Motorway boundaries
  • Appropriate placement of utilities away from road
  • Minimum depths of utilities
  • Spacing between adjacent utilities
  • Road safety issues where applicable
  • Drainage issues where applicable.

Roads and Maritime regional offices

For any questions regarding Works in the Road Reserve please contact the relevant regional office.

Phone number for all regions: 131 782

Hunter region
All Council areas except Wyong and Gosford Councils

Wyong or Gosford Council areas only

Northern Region

Southern Region

South West Region

Sydney Region

Western Region

Administration contacts
Contact details for Roads and Maritime's administrative offices and regions

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