Road Maintenance Council Contracts - RMCC

The RMCCs replace the Single Invitation Maintenance Contract (SIMC) which were utilised by Roads and Maritime Services between July 2000 and September 2008 to undertake road maintenance works on State Roads.

The State Road network is a highly valued physical asset, both in financial and community terms. Effective stewardship and asset management is crucially important, both to users and the community. The core objective of the RMCC is to deliver a serviceable and sustainable State Road network allowing for the safe and convenient movement of people and goods.

The RMCC establishes a collaborative contractual relationship between Roads and Maritime Services and Council, with both parties committed to shared values and trust. The concept of continuous improvement is central to the RMCC. Councils are being invited to participate in a process which aims to lift the standard of risk and asset management by fostering the exchange of ideas, work practices and planning methodologies, with the ultimate result of improving value for money.

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