Regional Road Transfer and NSW Road Classification Review

In February 2019, the NSW Government announced the transfer of up to 15,000 kilometres of regional roads to the State as part of a broader package of support for local councils to better manage and maintain the rural road network.

Future Transport 2056 identifies the NSW Road Classification Review (Classification Review) as a key initiative to make adjustments to the classification policy framework and update the road network to align with the ‘Hub and Spoke’ Transport Network Model and the ‘Movement and Place’ Framework.

Combining the transfer of regional roads with the Classification Review will ensure equity and transparency in all changes and support the development of an integrated road transport network.

An Independent Panel, chaired by Ms Wendy Machin, has been established to make recommendations for consideration by the NSW Government.

The Panel’s background paper and other key documents can be located via our Regional Road Transfer and Road Classification Review website.

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