Apportionment of costs

This guideline provides a summary for the apportionment of costs for works on State Roads between Roads and Maritime Services and Councils. They were originally developed by Roads and Maritime and the Local Government and Shires Association.

The document explains the principles behind cost apportionment and refers to the levels of service and endorsed standards that are used in any assessments. The cost apportionment process is explained and it provides for any apportionment that may occur including works in urban, rural/urban or rural areas.

The guideline contains a comprehensive index, which can used to readily find details of the apportionment of costs for the various components of a road. It also includes some traffic and cost apportionment examples that can be used when calculating any apportionment. There is also a detailed summary of the apportionment for the various road components that can be used as a quick ready reference.

Apportionment of Costs Guidelines

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