Walking and Cycling

Walking and cycling are integral to our transport system and successful places. Over 1.1 billion trips a year in NSW are made on foot or by bicycle, including around 600 million trips associated with a public transport journey. Over a million people in NSW ride a bike at least once a week (13 per cent of the population) and 2.6 million people ride a bike at least once a year.

The NSW Government is committed to encouraging people to walk or cycle as part of their everyday travel. Walking and cycling for commuting and short trips relieve pressures on our roads and public transport networks, and are part of a healthy lifestyle for our communities.

The Active Transport (Walking and Cycling) Program is in line with the NSW Government's Future Transport 2056 Strategy, Greater Sydney Services and Infrastructure PlanRegional NSW Services and Infrastructure Plan and The Greater Newcastle Future Transport Plan; there is a focus on improving connectivity for customers who choose to walk and cycle to major centres and public transport interchanges.

More information

For more information relating to the 2020-21 Walking and Cycling Program, please contact: activetransport@transport.nsw.gov.au.


Transport for NSW welcomes feedback in regards to the submission process.

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