Strategic Network Planning

The overall objective of Transport for NSW strategic network planning is to identify road network enhancements that support existing and proposed land use in line with Government strategic plans.

Transport for NSW's network planning processes are focused on strategic long-term issues by leading the development of integrated policies and strategies to achieve a safer, more reliable, efficient and sustainable road system.

Strategic network planning ensures that Transport for NSW makes informed decisions about integrated road infrastructure management by managing a network and corridor planning process across the organisation.

Land use planning and development assessment

The documents included are provided as a guide to private developers who are required, as a condition of development consent, to undertake road works or other works for which Transport for NSW has statutory authority.

Network and Corridor Planning

Integrated network and corridor planning processes contribute greatly to Transport for NSW's vision of; “A safe, sustainable and efficient road transport system”. This document outlines a process that will improve Transport for NSW's capacity to manage and enhance the road network to meet community needs.

Transport for NSW Metropolitan Road Freight Hierarchy on the State Road Network Practice Note

Queanbeyan to Batemans Bay Corridor Strategy

South Eastern NSW Road Freight Study 2010

Transport for NSW strategy for major heavy vehicle rest areas on key rural freight routes in NSW

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